Artificial Intelligence and Big Data at Wimbledon

July 5, 2019 By IdeaConnection

AI at WimbledonArtificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in the Wimbledon tennis tournament, selecting the best highlights of the action for television viewers who are unable to see matches live.

Wimbledon's AI machine is named IBM Watson and it continuously tracks what’s going on courtside to produce highlights packages within two minutes of a match finishing.

With over 18 courts and up to four matches per court per day, it would take a team of editors a colossal amount of time to select the best bits.

IBM Watson generates its highlights packages by using visual image recognition technology to capture players’ reactions and by listening to crowd responses. It also ranks every point played and analyzes gameplay statistics.

"Watson even listens for the ball striking the racket to make sure highlights are clipped as precisely as possible," IBM Watson's website.

Big Data Insights

IBM also has a team of data scientists crunching the data for fans, commentators and media outlets. And there is a huge amount of data to get through. Each year 4.5 million tennis data points are generated, and since  1990 IBM has collected, catalogued and analyzed over 62.8 million data points.

 "IBM data scientists work in a newsrooms style using the latest technology to help break stories informed and driven by data," commented Sam Seddon, IBM Wimbledon Client and Program Executive. “Using automated alerting systems and IBM's analytical tools, like Cognos they surface relevant facts and statistics for Wimbledon.

For more information about IBM Watson, data scientists and Wimbledon click here.

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