Big Data Success Stories

April 25, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Big Data SuccessFrom flipping burgers and shooting hoops to getting drugs to market in speedier timeframes and making roads safer, big data is transforming many industries across the world.

Periodically, IdeaConnection features some of the most fascinating big data success stories. Here is a handful that has caught our attention.

Big Data and Formula 1: F1 cars are fitted with more than 200 sensors that are constantly transmitting information. Mining the data is helping to improve pit stop times and overall team performances.

Algorithms to Speed Up Drug Development: The 2018 Data Science Bowl tasked participants with creating algorithms to automate the process of identifying cell nuclei in medical imagery which helps researchers find individual cells in samples. Measuring how they react and respond to treatments feeds into the development of therapeutics. The 2018 competition was won by an international team from Russian and Germany.

Preventing Car Crashes with Big Data: a car crash prediction program that compiles reports every four hours showing the likelihood of a vehicle crash within 6-by-7-mile areas. With this information, troopers can decide where to patrol or set up safety checkpoints.

How Big Data Can Reduce Football Injuries:  Several NFL teams are working with Sparta Science, a Silicon Valley startup that uses big data and predictive analytics to analyze players’ injury risks and to develop personalized injury prevention plans.

Improving Sales with Big Data: Dickey's Barbecue Pit, a US nationwide restaurant chain improved sales and operational efficiency with Smoke Stack. This proprietary system mines data from point-of-sale systems, customer surveys, loyalty programs and more to provide near real-time feedback on sales, daily business operations and other key performance indicators.


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