Emcycle – The Future of Commuting

January 26, 2010 By Kristeen

The Emcycle hybrid is a mode of transportation that allows you to cocoon yourself and pedal to your destination, or enlist the help of electrical assistance to get you there. Neither car, nor motorbike, nor bicycle, but a blend of all three. A bicycle at heart, with the stability of a tricycle, electrically powered assistance, and a stylish body, the Emcycle offers new measures for safety and visibility. With three drive options and a top speed of 40mph, the Emcycle is an innovative idea for the local commuter.

This new class of vehicle features headlights, break lights, seatbelt, airbag, a comfortable seat and you can carry up to 75 lbs of cargo. It is fully enclosed to protect you against the elements and has lockable side doors, electric front wheel drive, a windshield wiper, horn, disc brakes, and reverse gear.

Michael Scholey wanted to solve the transportation problem he faced when commuting in a car seemed less efficient than a bike. He realized that most people, including himself, would be unwilling to give up the comfort and safety of an SUV for the effort and exposure of a bicycle. So, he developed the Emcycle as a vehicle that he would ride and to which others could also enjoy.

Check out the video on IdeaConnection.com, and rate its innovation.

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