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December 31, 2009 By Kristeen

3M Company’s ‘World of Innovation’ is now open to the public, and if you are willing to travel to St. Paul to check out the new showroom, you can become part of a forum for meeting corporate customers and directly engaging in the innovation process. The center was designed to host executives and provide visitors with a hands on experience, taking them on an engaging and educational journey of the company’s innovation history and future.

3M, yes the Post-it note company, opened its doors and is providing attendees with a glimpse into their developments, products, technologies, and the people who make up its world of innovation. The ‘World of Innovation’ center boasts a Vision Dome Theatre, a permanent installation of a 3D 360 domed theatre that showcases “The Spirit of Innovation.” Paul Williams, from Think For A Change, claims the center provides, “a real purpose, … to stimulate thought.” And Mary Tripsas of the New York Times, notes that, “the idea behind the center is to foster innovation by combining a richer understanding of customer needs with creative links among 3M technologies.”

If you are nowhere near Minnesota and have no travel plans, you can join IdeaConnections’ innovation center from the comforts of your home or workplace. It is a step in the right direction and one that may open your eyes and let you share your ideas with others. Sign up and join a community of thousands of Inventors, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and invite your own community of friends and innovators.

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