Innovations at Jeff Bezos MARS Conference

March 20, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Jeff Bezos MARS ConferenceJeff Bezos is hosting his annual MARS conference, a showcase of the latest and quirkiest advances in such fields as robotics, space, automation and machine learning. 

This is an invite-only event and the press are not allowed in so the only information that can currently be gleaned by outsiders is based on tweets with the #MARS2019 hashtag.

MARS is an acronym for Machine learning, Automation, Robotics and Space and the three-day conference in Palm Springs is giving attendees an assortment of demos and tech talks and insights into what Bezos's Blue Origin spaceflight program is up to.
“Our goals are simple and remain unchanged from the first event,” Bezos wrote in his welcome to this year’s fourth annual MARS conference. “We’ll consider this gathering a big success if you find something inspiring, make a new friend or two, and — most important — have some fun!”


Among the tidbits of information to come out of the conference are images of Bezos in the driving seat of Hexa, an 18-rotor craft intended for short recreational flights and the Amazon CEO and founder launching a giant robotic dragonfly. Other highlights that have come from attendees’ tweets include visitors stepping inside a 'deep space orbital hab model' and a robot flexing and balancing on wheeled feet.

Among the attendees that have been spotted at MARS are retired NASA astronaut Story Musgrave, actor Mark Hamill and former NASA astronaut, Mike Massimino.

To see what else has been going on at MARS just put the #MARS2019 hashtag into your browser.


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