Open Innovation Contest Could Help Launch Your Startup

August 26, 2016 By IdeaConnection

lbulbFreudenberg Performance Materials, a manufacturer of technical textiles is looking for external input to help it develop products for next generation materials and products.

Scientists, students, developers, organizations and any other interested parties are being invited to take part in the Next-Generation Nonwovens open innovation competition.  And if you’re the winner, you will receive Freudenberg’s help to realize your startup.

The contest is open until November 30, 2016 and participants are invited to submit their responses to two questions:

1) How can nonwovens be developed from polyester, which will then be biodegradable within a defined time period?

2) How can highly transparent fibres be developed that are suitable for the production of polyester nonwovens?

Ideas are welcomed at all levels of development and those who get through to the winners’ stage will be invited to pitch their concepts at the company’s headquarters in Weinheim, Germany.

In an interview with Innovation in Textiles, Dr Frank Heislitz, Chief Technology Officer of Freudenberg Performance Materials, explained:

“Many questions today are so complex that very different disciplines need to work together to solve them. With our ‘Next-Generation Nonwovens’ competition, we want to encourage all experts – not just our internal teams – to get involved at the very earliest idea-development stage.”

Submitting Non-Confidential Information

Freudenberg is asking participants to submit non-confidential information at first.  If the area is of interest to them and they want to collaborate, then the conversation will turn to signing a cooperation agreement that protects the interests of both parties.

The open innovation contest is part of Freudenberg’s ideaTrophy programme, which in the past has sought external help in areas such as renewable energy and water.

The star prize will be expert help in turning the winning idea into a profitable business, which will involve agreements being drawn up between Freudenberg and the winner.  There will also be a number of supplementary prizes, including cash awards.

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Posted by Rohan on September 28, 2016

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