Open Innovation is not a Threat to Consultants

March 27, 2010 By Scott Wurtele

At first look, it appears that Innovation Intermediaries, with their access to tens of thousands of brilliant experts, would scare consultants.

The fact is that most companies, perhaps 80%, greatly need help in articulating their pain points, their bottlenecks, their innovation needs, their innovation opportunities.

Only an astute few companies go straight to sites like to get access to brilliance.

Consultants will be around for a while.

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Reinventing Europe means moving from a knowledge society to an innovation society. For citizens, this means releasing the potential of a broad range of ideas to solve real problems, to find real solutions. Innovation often happens when people from different backgrounds and countries put their ideas together to create new solutions. This new EU clip shows how you could reinvent Europe through innovation.
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Posted by Annie on May 11, 2010

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