Open Innovation Masterclass with Henry Chesbrough

April 28, 2012 By IdeaConnection
Image by Stuart Miles

The Climate-kic website has announced that applications are open for partners, corporate entrepreneurs and green technology start-ups to attend a 4-day Masterclass on Open innovation in Utrecht, May 21-24.

It’s being led by Henry Chesbrough and will demonstrate how collaboration can lead to new improved ventures faster than the current corporate or start-up environment.

The course is designed for managers responsible for new business model implementation in an open innovation context, targeting sustainable long-term corporate growth.

It will focus on the latest concepts in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and corporate venturing, focusing specifically on new product, new market, new business models including finance, marketing, sales, technology and human resource frameworks for start-up ventures.

According to the Climate-kic website the specific subjects that will be addressed are:

• How to organize and leverage the corporate setting to start and grow new, significant, globally competitive businesses.

• How to use new business development and venturing as a tool in strategy making processes and corporate transformations.

• How to collaborate effectively with start-up firms and tech entrepreneurs.

• How to generate successful (corporate) start-ups in an Open Innovation setting. Searching for synergy: the role of partners, incubators, spin-ins, spinouts, and corporate venture capital.

For more information about the Masterclass schedule and to register click here.  The deadline for registration is 7th May.

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