The Robot Surgeon Will See You Now

May 3, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Robot SurgeonWith the opening of CMR Surgical's new headquarters in Cambridge, UK, research, development and production of the Versius robotic surgery system is set to accelerate.

It is designed to be used across a range of surgical specialties and fit seamlessly into operating theaters.

Versius has independent modular arms that have flexible joints just like a human arm. These are controlled by a surgeon sitting at a console with a 3D screen and two joysticks.

The robot system will be involved in minimal access surgery (also known as keyhole or laparoscopic surgery) which was pioneered around 40 years ago and is an alternative to open surgery. It uses small incisions which results in reduced pain and leads to faster recovery times.

According to estimates, there are currently six million open surgery procedures each year that could be performed via minimal access surgery.

Among the benefits of a robotic system like Versius are:

  • Less stressful surgery.
  • Increase in the number of procedures performed.
  • The technology places less strain on surgeons increasing the longevity of their professional lives.


At the launch of the Cambridge HQ Lord David Prior, the chair of National Health Service England said:

“Robotics is going to play a growing role in surgery covering an increasing range of different procedures and specialties giving greater accuracy, quicker recovery times and better outcomes.

“It is fantastic that we now have such a major player in the UK, at Cambridge. CMR is a great example of British engineering excellence, inventiveness and entrepreneurial ambition.”

Robot Rollout

Versius is expected to be used in UK and continental European hospitals within the next 12 months.

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