Unleashing Nexus One

January 5, 2010 By Kristeen

Google officially revealed its new smartphone this morning, but what most people are talking about is the fact the company has decided to sell the Nexus One as its own branded device. The tech-savvy public commenting on Ars Technica already understand that, “the Nexus One is just another Android phone—the latest and greatest Android phone, and possibly even the latest and greatest smartphone—but an Android phone nonetheless.”

The Google phone looks pretty slick and features a slim touch screen by HTC that is less than half an inch thick. Both the speed and fine resolution screen make it stand out from its competitors. However, some unfortunate features include a pointless and distracting animated background, very little memory for music and photos (4 gigabites), and there is no physical ringer on-off switch.

Compared to the iPhone, the Android 2.1 open source mobile OS enables users true access to multiple applications at once. The new 1-GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm CPU allows this to occur much faster than older versions. The Nexus One will be available to the open source community for $529 unlocked or $179 with a two year T-Mobile service plan.

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