Gifts for the Innovation Professional

November 30, 2011 By Aminda

The Atlantic has compiled a list of “Best Ideas”, which contains some great gift ideas for the innovator or technophile who has everything on your Christmas shopping list. Here are some examples.

Open Source Textiles

San Franciscobased Soft Cities employs open-source software to access a global collection of maps, which is then used to create custom blankets and napkins. Buyers can order custom textiles printed with a street map of any neighborhood, from a hometown to a favorite vacation spot.

Smart Fridge

Need an idea for dinner, ask the fridge. A new smart fridge lets you look up favorite recipes from the wireless panel on the door. The fridge, debuted by Samsung also has built in speakers so owners can stream music while cooking. The smart screen also allows users to write note, such as shopping list, directly on the unit, no magnets needed.

Futuristic Camera

The Lytro light field camera allows pictures to be refocused after they have been taken. The camera captures complete light field data, color, intensity and vector direction of every light ray in a scene, in one click. This means that a user can focus and refocus a single image at various points, creating multiple variations of the same scene.

Smarter Shirts

This year Under Armour debuted a shirt that could completely change sports training practices. The UA E39 is made out of the same compression material as the rest of the company’s clothing line but contains sensors that measure everything from the heart rate to the g force of acceleration of the person wearing it. Data from the sensors is transmitted by Bluetooth to a smart phone or any other device that can receive it.

The author invites companies to submit their own best idea for consideration for the list. Leave an idea in the comments section or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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