Frankfurt Airport Launches Open Innovation Challenge

May 20, 2016 By IdeaConnection

800px-Flughafen_Frankfurt_am_Main_-_Gate_A_-_Check-In_0212Frankfurt Airport, commonly known as Frankport wants to improve the passenger experience.  And so it is adopting an open innovation approach to harness what it hopes will be some innovative, popular and cool ideas.

The very first Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge is now under way and travelers have until June 28th to submit their ideas.

“In keeping with our new slogan, “Gute Reise! We make it happen”, we are now actively looking for fresh ideas for Frankfurt Airport,” said Claudia Uhe, Head of Fraport’s Corporate Development, Environment and Sustainability Unit.

“We want to give passengers and visitors in particular the opportunity to actively co-create their airport as a place full of positive experiences.”

In opening up to external ideas, the organizers of this travel experience open innovation challenge hope that participants will give their creative muscles a thorough workout.

To take part, travelers have to sign up to the contest’s website. They will become part of the innovative community and can review and comment on other ideas.

Pool of Ideas

At the time of writing this post, 75 ideas have so far been submitted by 121 people. They include a digital guest book for visitors, an ice skating rink, blood donation spots and a sports gaming arena.

The winners will be announced in August, and will be selected by a five-member panel of judges. They will award cash prizes to the six most innovative ideas.

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