NASA's $1 Million Open Innovation Space Robotics Challenge

August 14, 2019 By IdeaConnection

NASA Space Robotics ChallengeFancy picking up a cool $1 million in prize money? That's what NASA is offering innovators for coming up with a design for an autonomous robot that can explore the moon.

On Monday, the space agency announced phase 2 of the NASA Space Robotics Challenge to help it expand the US's ability to explore space.

Phase 1 of the open innovation challenge took place in 2017 and focused on the Valkyrie humanoid space robot (also known as Robonaut 5 or R5).  Phase 2 is focused on autonomous robots that will help build the infrastructure on the moon before humans get there. This will allow astronauts to spend more time on other mission projects.

"Everyday explorers now have the opportunity to design useful solutions to support deep space exploration," Daniel Newmyer, vice president of education at Space Center Houston, said in a press release. "This challenge will continue to advance robotic technology and research that is vital to future missions."

Competing in a Virtual Environment

The competition will take place in a virtual environment with participants using software to develop fully autonomous navigation, operations and decision-making capabilities.

To find out more and to sign up to the challenge click here.

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