Nokia Launches Open Innovation Challenge

July 20, 2018 By IdeaConnection

Nokia has officially launched its annual Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, a global contest that seeks world-changing technologies, products or solutions.

This time around the focus is on industrial automation and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and the prize pot available to winning companies is $175,000.

In addition to the prize money, winners will be given access to Nokia Bell Labs research and development resources and opportunities to grow their businesses through partnerships with the global communications giant. In fact, six startups will be eligible for $175,000 in financial resources and support to help bring their ideas to market.

“Our team looks forward to working with competition winners to help create new technologies that will create unparalleled increases in efficiency through augmented intelligent devices, systems, platforms, and applications,” said Marcus Weldon, President of Nokia Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia.


On its open innovation challenge website, Nokia has highlighted some areas where it sees possible opportunities. While this is not an exhaustive list it does give participants some ideas as to where Nokia’s thinking is heading. Those areas are:

• Digital manufacturing and utilities
• Digital site
• Digital mobility and transportation
• Digital cities
• Digital life
• Automation and augmented intelligence

The submission phase is open until September 6, 2018, and proposals should be about a product or solution which will impact the world of Industrial IoT. This will be followed by two assessment rounds, a second submission phase, a pre-final and then a Grand Final in December 2018.

For more information visit the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge website.

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Reader Comments

I like idea of augmented intelligence. Great things are simple. By augmented intelligence, everybody can type always accurately without seeing the screen and keyboard in a very simple way. It will give peace to the mind. Further, it will cut short drastically the problem of COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME which has commercial value of Billions of $.
Posted by pradeep kumar on July 25, 2018

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