Open Innovation for a Good Night’s Sleep

November 17, 2017 By IdeaConnection

Things don’t only go bump in the night they also go whizz, woof, and clunk as there are many ways nighttime slumber can be disturbed – rowing neighbours, pets, partying kids, a snoring partner, machinery and so on. Headphones and earbuds can drown out some intrusive noises but there may be another way and that’s with sound.

Bose Corporation is developing sleepbuds that produce soothing sounds to help people drift off, and it’s asking the crowd to contribute.

The audio equipment giant wants consumers to share their thoughts on the project to help it refine the buds prior to a global release. Participants will have to purchase them which they can do at a discounted price. In this way, Bose is hoping to attract serious users who really do want to see a viable solution to their sleep problems.

“We acknowledge that we don’t need the money like a typical startup does,” said a spokesperson in a statement. “However, quite candidly, we’re charging a discounted price for the prototype because we believe it’s the best way to find highly motivated testers.

“We believe that testers who pay for the prototype are likely living with a severe ‘noise in the bedroom’ problem, they’re going to use the prototype rigorously, and they’ll provide more and better feedback to help us improve the product and user experience.”

The sleepbuds are similar to wireless earphones and are paired with a smartphone running a companion app. From this, tired souls can personalize the sounds that will rock them gently to sleep such as nature sounds or red noise.

There’s more on the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding project in the video below and here at

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