Open Innovation for Cyber Threat Defenses

February 9, 2018 By IdeaConnection

From ransomware attacks and tampering with voter systems to taking out electrical grids and mining cryptocurrencies, cyber threats are a global problem.

According to some in the intelligence communities, the threats they pose are as great as terrorism. The need for more and better defenses has never been greater. Cue open innovation.

US-based 418 Intelligence has received a $350,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security to develop a game-based forecasting platform for responding to cyber threats. A crowd of analysists will compete to come up with the best ways to neutralize a threat.

Once they’ve submitted their solutions others will be asked to bet which one will be the most effective and to give their thoughts on the effectiveness of a specific control tactic against a specific attack tactic.

Crowd-Based Solution

Interviewed by the CyberEye blog Mark Jaster the founder of the cybersecurity company said: “We are designing an online game experience that I call ‘fantasy football for cyber. We are asking defenders to come to the table with their playbooks.

“The whole point is to ask the crowd — who are journeymen cybersecurity analysts — under this condition and within these parameters, what is going to happen?”

Solver Benefits

Jaster will start by recruiting people from government agencies and then he will turn to the private sector. He believes that solvers will want to be involved for two principal reasons. One is prestige and status among the community of solvers and the other is the possibility of financial gain as the company is planning to commercialize crowdsourcing of cyber analysis.

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