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October 30, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Open Innovation ChallengesStretch your creative muscles and earn big money prizes by taking part in open innovation competitions and challenges. 

IdeaConnection's Contests and Challenges page is the world's biggest and most popular list of live challenges. Currently, there are 68 challenges with more than $67 million in award money available. Here are a few highlights of some of the listed challenges.

Diversity in Innovation Quickfire Challenge - seeking visionary ideas in human healthcare. Total award $250,000.

Battery Operated Air Conditioning System for Vehicles in Mines – seeking a fuel-efficient method of keeping a mine excavator operator cool in the summer heat without keeping the engine running. Total award NR 5,00,000.

Energy Sector Technology Challenge - seeking ideas that solve energy sector development efficiency challenges in heating and cooling, AI for energy demand management and more. Total award $500,000.

Smart Airport Student Competition - seeking ideas on how to apply smart technology to enhancing and improving airline travel. Total award $25,000.

Methods for Determining Similar Sequences Across Genomes - seeking a methodology to identify similar gene sequences across genomes from individuals of a single species. Total  award $50,000.

Designing for Affordability - seeking product designs that can promote a long and healthy life for the 99%. Total award $17,000.

Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid Challenge - seeking a world-changing, technologically advanced solution that enables the delivery of humanitarian aid. Total  award €5,000,000

For the full list of challenges with links to the competition sites, click here.

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