The Road to Success with Open Innovation Facilitators

June 15, 2018 By IdeaConnection

IdeaConnection’s problem-solving teams regularly come up with breakthrough innovations and solutions for a range of solution seekers. Helping these brilliant minds to deliver results are world-class facilitators.

From time to time we publish interviews with these super talented members of our teams to hear about their experiences. Here’s a little flavor of the some of things they’ve told us.

Alexandra Lajoux

“Nothing reminded me as much of my glory days in academia working on intellectual topics with a total intellectual freedom. The ivory tower is like unto heaven. We had such a broad challenge and we had such bright minds.

“It was truly the life of the mind. It really felt like we were innovating and exploring new boundaries. It was intellectually so satisfying. I truly enjoyed it and would love to do it again.”

Patty Cox

“I love learning new things. I come away after working with these folks knowing just a little bit more on whatever it was we were working on. I am a constant student so I love that aspect of it.

“I also have really enjoyed my global roles over the years, and while I have stepped away from a full-time professional life and moved to academia I have missed that global aspect of work.

“So, it’s been great to have these teams, especially when there is a rapport with team members where you can have conversations that are not just focused on the challenge. And that makes it a lot of fun for me.”

Sue Adams

“When you are asked what your profession is, most people can say, “Well I’m a nurse. I’m a lawyer. I’m a teacher. I’m a painter. I’m a whatever, a pilot.” I don’t have a word that I can say what I do. I have to give people a little story because what we do is so new, and it excites me that this is a powerful tool that some of the leading corporations of the world are using.

“It’s actually a privilege to work as a Facilitator and to work with such intelligent people that want to think outside the box, that see innovation as a means to solving challenges of our future world.”

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Reader Comments

Just intrigued.
I am a MULTIPOTENTIALITE working over 20 different tasks at the same time for 30 years now. I believe I fit here, cos' practical ideas keep falling on me on a daily basis. I am more like looking for off-takers
Posted by Anthony Ossei on June 20, 2018

So I'll immediately declare an interest - as I work for a British innovations support company - but I have to say. I love your approach.

We try - I think - to do something similar, augmenting the design teams we work with only in the areas they really need it. Thereby freeing them up to focus on the areas of their new business that they're strongest at, while we try and ease some of the strain in other areas.

Is this the same kind of thing as you guys do?
Posted by Henry @ Morgan on June 18, 2018

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