Open Innovation Contest for Augmented Reality Glasses

April 17, 2013 By IdeaConnection

epson-epson-moverio-bt-100Augmented reality glasses are hitting the news in a big way. They provide views of the real-world augmented by video, graphics and sound. Currently there’s a lot of interest in Google’s ‘Project Glass‘ research, but other companies are also making significant leaps.

One of those is Epson with its Android-based Moverio glasses.  They went on sale last year and provide a transparent display that connects to Wi-Fi and can project images onto two screens.

To expand on what this cutting-edge technology can offer the marketplace the company has launched an open innovation contest for ideas. The best ones will have a crack at up to $16,000 in prize money.


New Uses for Cutting-Edge Technology

The IEEE Computer Society/Moverio Contest is asking participants to suggest a new use for the Moverio glasses, and to submit their concepts in a YouTube video.  The company is keen to hear from non-employees as it views crowdsourcing as a good way to garner imaginative ideas and to reach creative people that it wouldn’t typically meet.

Ideas will be judged on creativity, novelty, practicality of implementation, and benefit to humanity.  The best one will receive $8,000 and three runners up will receive $2,000 each.  The closing date for submissions is April 30.  Students and developers in particular are being encouraged to participate and Epson is keep to work with winners to bring their ideas to life.

Though wearable technologies are sometimes viewed as gimmicky, Epson says it is motivated to develop technologies that provide genuine benefits to people.

For details of the contest click here.

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