Innovation Lab Excellence

By Richard Turrin

Digital Transformation from Within. Innovation Lab Excellence dives past the slick surface of espresso machines, youthful techies and creatively designed co-working spaces to examine, in detail, the conditions and practices necessary for a lab and innovation to initiate and thrive.

This book goes behind the scenes of working innovation labs to distill a rigorous set of best practices. Apply these to unleash the innovation that will give your enterprise a digital competitive advantage.

Written by an award-winning expert in financial technology and global manager of multiple labs, this book reveals:

●How innovation labs went from exotic add-ons to must-haves, and the unique challenges they face;

●How a detailed array of best practices will help your lab excel and be better focused to serve your business interests;

●How a human-centric focus is the key to adopting new technology, and to gaining acceptance of both innovators and innovation;

●Where you need to rethink what you know about adopting new technology.

This guide pulls no punches. It offers expert analysis of the most typical problems—and their solutions—so that your innovation can transcend the hype and achieve tangible results.
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