The Ramifications of Innovation Singularity

By Mark P. Dangelo

Questioning the rush to acceptance. We have reached a state of innovation where we can no longer just trust our eyes, our ears, our readings, and our senses. Innovation has created “deep” ramifications. It’s time to sound the alarm.In our rush to acceptance of innovative trends, products and solutions, we are frequently discovering that our embrace of “new” comes with consequences—positive and negative.

Innovations are changing our cultures, spearheading movements, and even, altering a foundation of human interaction and touch. Today, we can create artificial intelligence, augmented realities, global dialogues, risk mitigations, terrorism responses, and even download our brains into “the cloud”. Yet, are we prepared for the impacts of these innovations? Do we comprehend what influence they have on our decisions? Are these innovations all necessary, and is it contributing to wealth divides?

Innovation ramifications have been here for centuries—now they arrive at a non-stop pace. Personal and cultural dependence on innovations, at a time of rising nationalism and populism, will usher in startling consequences shattering ideals of business, ethics, strategy, behaviors, and individual privacy. Are we prepared for the shifts of wealth that will come with innovations? Where will we draw the “red lines” on privacy and the big data collection across every aspect our of lives? Will we become mere extensions of our innovations, addicted to their benefits, while ignoring the ramifications?

The innovations we cherish and the embrace of “everything that is new”, is leading to tremendous challenges with the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—where intelligent innovations will dominate our lives, fantasies, dialogues, and relationships. Who decides the ethics of innovations? Are we putting our faith, our lives in governments, politicians, or self-policing firms?

This book is delivered as a casual conversation, narrated by a transferred human intelligence, M7D. This intelligence brings to the forefront critical realities, questions, potential scenarios, and downstream ramifications. Retaining every emotion of his human life, M7D adds a personal dimension to our innovation ramifications. M7D was, after all, one of us.
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