The Innovation Revelation

By David Lowe

A story about how to satisfy customer needs. One of the biggest frustrations in today’s workplace is the time wasted building the wrong thing. Fortunately, there is another way to work, a way that leads to more effective teams, happier customers and increased profits.

There’s just one problem. If you’re not the boss, it can be challenging, and scary, to step up and suggest change, especially when you’re not sure exactly how to achieve it. If you are the boss, it can be even harder.

Written as a light-hearted fictional story, The Innovation Revelation follows Charlie Blades, a desperately unhappy IT professional struggling to survive in his job at one of the UK's top department stores. He is on the cusp of walking away from it all when he realises they've been doing everything wrong.

With a little help, Charlie tries new ways of working that break from the conventional approach, in a last-ditch attempt to eradicate ineffective business practices and traditions and save his department from being offshored.
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