Creatively Lean

By Bella Englebach

How to get out of your own way and drive innovation throughout your organization. Leaders in lean organizations must encourage and foster new ideas. Humans are naturally wired to feel uncomfortable with newness. Fortunately, there’s a large body of knowledge on the leadership behaviors needed to create an environment for innovation that has been developed alongside the development of lean thinking. Because this knowledge has been developed in large part outside of the lean community, lean managers, leaders, and practitioners are often not familiar with it, and when they become familiar, they struggle to integrate with the lean tools they have learned. This book presents critical creativity skills in the context of lean continuous improvement and lean product development approaches.

Is your lean implementation lacking a creative spark? Do your employees struggle to bring ideas forward? Do you need them to bring you more creative ideas and better improvements? Does your company need more innovative products, and do you need your people to build and strengthen their ideas more effectively? Learn how you can leverage learning from creativity studies and brain science to build more innovation into your lean continuous improvement and lean product development efforts.
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