Activity in Extended Videos Prize Challenge

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Activity in Extended Videos Prize Challenge Deadline: 2019-02-28
Award: $50,000
Open to: Everyone over 18 years of age*

The Activity in Extended Videos Prize Challenge (ActEV-PC) seeks to encourage the development of robust automatic activity detection algorithms for an extended video.

Challenge participants will develop activity detection and temporal localization algorithms for 18 activities that are to be found in extended videos. These videos contain significant spans without any activities and intervals with potentially multiple concurrent activities.

ActEV-PC will contain two phases – an open leaderboard evaluation (Phase 1) and an independent ActEV prize evaluation (Phase 2).

Open leaderboard evaluation (Phase 1)
For open leaderboard evaluation, the challenge participants should run their software on their systems and configurations and submit the system output defined by the Evaluation Plan to the NIST Scoring Server. This phase will serve as a qualifying stage where the top 8 participants will proceed to phase 2.

Independent ActEV prize evaluation (Phase 2)
For independent ActEV prize evaluation, the challenge participants should submit their runnable system to NIST using the forthcoming Evaluation Container Submission Instructions. NIST will evaluate system performance on sequestered data using NIST hardware–details coming soon.

The developers of the most accurate activity detection algorithms will be eligible to win cash prizes from a total prize purse of $50,000. Prizes will be distributed based on the following criteria: Prizes distributed will be:

First Place Prize – $25,000
Second Place Prize – $15,000
Third Place Prize – $10,000

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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