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Average Earnings for Solved Challenges: $5,000
Average Earnings for Sourced Technologies: $2,500
Average Earnings for Consulting: $55,000

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Solve Problems for Pay and Enjoyment

Solve problems for enjoyment, and the potential to earn thousands of dollars for accepted solutions. Work on your own or as part of a problem solving team. Some challenges are pay-for-success, and others have a guaranteed payout.

Sourcing Technologies

You can earn significant money by finding companies with particular manufacturing abilities, technologies, or patents. Register as a Problem Solver to receive invitations to source. From $1,000 to $10,000 per accepted lead. [LEARN MORE]

Idea Rally®

Participate in Idea Rallies to meet and work with your peers, discussing ideas in an intense, focused time capsule. Prizes for best ideas and participation up to $10,000. [LEARN MORE]

Become a Consultant

To receive offers to do consulting work, please register, making sure to check off the field labeled "I am interested in consulting work."


If you are interested in doing research, make sure to check off the "Research" checkbox in the categories listed on the sign up form. [REGISTER] You will then be sent offers to do research work. [RESEARCH CHALLENGES]

Invitation to Solve Problems as part of an Online Team

"We were very impressed by each other's skills that were perfectly complimentary for this task," Harper says. "We seemed to be able to cover all the bases with very few gaps in our knowledge – and kudos to Paul Wagorn and Scott Wurtele because they realized exactly what the project needed."
– Bernis Harper, PhD

Registered Problem Solvers are invited by email to solve problems. Once you agree to work on a problem, you are given the details of the challenge, and are introduced to your team members. Teams comprise 3 or 4 of your peers and assigned a Facilitator. Each team is given an online ThinkSpace® where they can communicate with each other, enter and update ideas, and ask the Seeker questions.

You will meet with your team online at least once a week, but you can enter your ideas and solutions at any time. Typically, one team members is chosen to write up the solution that is presented to the Seeker.


There is a vast array of problem types: electrical, mechanical, chemical, medical, nanotechnology, virtual reality, manufacturing, design, etc. Problem Solvers are needed in all these areas and more. This is a great opportunity to augment your income by working part-time in your spare time, or as a freelancer. And you can accept only the projects that interest you.

It's also a great place to meet new people in your field and share in the excitement of creating new solutions.

Winning Solvers in Canada and the USA are mailed checks, while Solvers elsewhere have their winnings wired to their bank account.

Make sure to list your IdeaConnection problem solving awards on your resume and in your Innovative People "Awards and Recognition" and "Problem Solver" profile. It's an effective way to communicate your problem solving skills.

Problem Solver Interviews

Read what some of our Team members have to say about working with IdeaConnection as part of a team, or through individual efforts.

Note: The majority of problems available to be solved, problems being worked on and problems already solved, are confidential and are not available for public viewing.