Clean Energy strategies Reimagined

Clean Energy strategies Reimagined Deadline: 2021-08-28
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Open to: All*

How has your organization shifted its strategies to incorporate cleaner energy? How can your organizational experiences inspire and act as beacons to others? United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7, ‘Affordable and clean energy’, centers on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. As noted by the UN, around 13% of our global population are unable to access modern electricity, with 3 billion people depending on wood or coal for cooking or heating. Not only is this not excusable, but the energy we consume has played a pivotal role in climate change.

We have a responsibility as global citizens to safeguard our world, for ourselves and future generations; a goal only achievable by diversifying our energy consumption, steering towards cleaner energies. As major influencers in the realm of energy and sustainability, how has your organization reimagined its clean energy strategy?

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Clean Energy strategies Reimagined
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