DLR Environment, Energy and Health Challenge

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DLR Environment, Energy and Health Challenge Deadline: 2019-01-31
Award: €5,000
Open to: Everyone*

DLR is looking for innovative ideas that use Earth observation data to drive the sustainable management of our limited natural resources and foster human well-being.

In addition to using Copernicus data and other Earth observation satellite data, participants are encouraged to supplement their ideas with other sources of data, such as information generated by crowd-sourcing or in-situ measurements.

Ideas should support professionals working in these areas, inform the public, or empower public authorities to take action and solve issues on a local, national, or global scale.

Criteria that must be met:
- Benefit for society, human wellbeing, sustainable resource management
- Copernicus relevance (significance of the use of sentinel satellite data for realisation)
- Innovation and technological feasibility
- User acceptance (benefits to users and/or the general public, short path to practical use)

Prizes include:
EUR 5,000 cash prize
Substantial satellite data quota worth EUR 5,000 (financial support by EC)
Access to the Copernicus Accelerator programme (if eligible)

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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