Drone X Challenge 2020

This contest is over.
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Drone X Challenge 2020 Deadline: 2019-01-10
Award: $1,500,000
Open to: Entrepreneurs*

The DXC2020 challenge is meant to foster competition and innovative development in the drone technology.

Drones used in this challenge should be custom made, and not off-the-shelf products. Participating teams should demonstrate their ability to design, develop and demonstrate these drones throughout the challenge phases.

Drones should have majority of their parts custom-made. Off-the-shelf components and electronics will be allowed. Drones will be benchmarked against each other, and evaluated according to the scoring criteria, and only best performing drones will progress to the final event.

The DXC 2020 challenge requires the participants to design and develop a drone within one of the categories listed below and fly the drone to demonstrate the minimum required payload and endurance capabilities in an innovative commercial application.

Battery powered fixed-wing drone
Hydrocarbon/hybrid powered fixed-wing drone
Battery powered multi-rotor drone
Hydrocarbon/Hybrid powered multi-rotor drone

It is required that drones must be designed and developed by the participating teams themselves, using commercially available or custom developed components. These drone systems should be developed with inherited safety and stability.

Teams should consist of at least 3 members with proven competence in designing and developing advanced drone systems.

Short listed finalists will be flown to Abu Dhabi, UAE to compete with each other for the final reward of US$ 1 Million.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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