Make with Ada

This contest is over.
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Make with Ada Deadline: 2019-02-15
Award: $8,000
Open to: Programmers*

For this competition, we chose not to set a project theme because we want you to be able to demonstrate your inventiveness and to work on a project that motivates you.

We’re inviting you to contribute to the world of safe, secure and reliable software by using Ada/SPARK to build something that matters. Learn how to program in Ada and SPARK here –

The goal is to design and implement an embedded software project where Ada and/or SPARK are the principal language technologies. Any environment meeting these conditions is acceptable. Judges will refer to this definition of embedded software.

In addition, eligible students will compete for a reward of an Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle worth $299.99!

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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