Preventing Liquor Store Thefts and Robberies

Preventing Liquor Store Thefts and Robberies Deadline: 2020-04-09
Award: $250,000 CAD
Open to: Everyone*

Liquor store robberies and thefts have dramatically escalated over the past 18 months in the City of Edmonton (the “City” or “Edmonton”). The Edmonton Police Foundation (“EPF”) and the Edmonton Police Service (“EPS”) have teamed up with Alcanna Inc., Alberta’s largest retailer of liquor, to combat this epidemic. This challenge is part of that effort.

Can you devise a solution that can help reduce thefts and robberies in liquor stores, but with minimal impact on revenue loss and client experience?

Successful submissions to this challenge will:
- Increase safety and prevent harm to liquor store employees and the public.
- Reduce robberies and thefts from liquor stores:
   - by a minimum of 50%, with a target of 80%
   - with minimal disruption in revenue/sales and
   - minimal increase in labor costs.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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Preventing Liquor Store Thefts and Robberies
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