Silt Removal from Open-cast Chromite Mine

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Silt Removal from Open-cast Chromite Mine Deadline: 2019-04-14
Award: INR 10,00,000
Open to: Everyone*

In Open-cast mine, the surface runoff water in the mine carries solid particles and deposits them as silt at the bottom of the bench. As a result, the ores get covered by silt which ultimately affects the mining operation. The problem continues throughout the rainy season and subsequent months and is applicable to all Chrome Ore mining industry. 100 TPH (solid particle weight) of slurry removal to a level of around 120 m head is required. Slurry pumps were not suitable due to the presence of boulders of size >3mm. The current shovel dumper combination is capable of handling such silt with an efficiency of only 30 %.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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