St. Andrews Prize For The Environment

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St. Andrews Prize For The Environment Deadline: 2019-06-21
Award: $125,000
Open to: Everyone*

Topics covered by previous winners and finalists include urban regeneration, by-products from waste, health and water issues, agriculture and renewable energy.

Here are some examples of the type of topics you might choose to focus on:

Reducing human animal conflict – Using learnings from behavioural studies that honey bees can be used as a natural deterrent to crop raiding elephants and mitigating lion-livestock conflict and preventing lion killing
Water and biodiversity initiatives – Producing fresh water by desalinating seawater, or water containing etc.
Sanitation – Creating proper human waste removal and treatment and providing sustainable sanitation solutions using inexpensive and locally sourced materials
Air quality – Innovative cooking solutions to provide improved air quality and clean, economic sources of electricity
Solar power – Providing clean energy from the sun
Food supply – How can we make agricultural practices meet the needs of a growing population while safeguarding and improving the environment and the natural capital (water, soils etc.)?
Community regeneration – in thinking globally and acting locally what could make a community environment a better place to live and work and how might this heighten broader environmental awareness?
Communication and education – what practical and original ideas will get more people interested and involved in the environmental debate?
Waste and recycling – what are some original and practical ideas for limiting the generation of waste?
Environmental justice – How can environmental issues be tackled to show that these concerns are not a luxury for developing countries, but an everyday reality for most poor communities?

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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