TAB 2019 Vision Competition

This contest is over.
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TAB 2019 Vision Competition Deadline: 2019-01-16
Award: €7,000
Open to: Architects and Architect Students Worldwide*

The task is to create a neighbourhood of shared and private habitats to live and work in. Indoor and outdoor places for people of all ages to learn, play and grow.

A goal is to consider the shared eco-system, enhancing relationships between people, flora and fauna, exploring the relationship between the organic and inorganic and considering indoors as outdoors.

We seek a widening of the palette of emotional involvement and the creation of new architectures informed by contemporary, diverse experiences of beauty, which encompass the requirements of ecology and society, as with all good architecture such parameters cannot be compromised.

While not compulsory, we are excited by the possibilities of collaborative design and encourage entries by teams that include members from different practices working together.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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