The Setty Family Foundation:2019 Applied Engineering Challenge

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The Setty Family Foundation:2019 Applied Engineering Challenge Deadline: 2019-01-30
Award: $5,000
Open to: Engineering students*

Design a self-sustaining community that includes essential amenities (utilities, police, fire protection, schools, healthcare, housing, etc.). Designs should address the unique needs of a population not connected to a larger grid infrastructure.

As communities around the globe are displaced and/or rebuilt, the opportunity arises to consider an intelligently designed community that does not rely on external support and offers a sense of community to the resident population. What are the needs of a community disconnected from the outside world?

Teams are urged to use their creativity, but like most real life situations, the proposed solutions must adhere to industry approved engineering guidelines, utilize currently available technology, be financially feasible, and be deployable from concept through construction within a reasonable timeframe.

What is the long-term sustainable impact of the project?
Does the project address ASHRAE or sustainably related topics?
What is the level of creativity and innovation in the project solution?

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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