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IdeaConnection is proud to serve clients internationally, solving challenges in biotechnology, crop science, pharmaceuticals, engineering, mining, food science, consumer products, data analytics, game theory, and basically, any field that demands the research and development of new technologies. Our clients include Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporations, as well as small and medium companies that span the globe.

As you can appreciate, due to the breakthrough nature of the innovations being worked on, some of our clients choose to keep their identities confidential, and virtually all of their challenges confidential. Not even our problem solvers know the name of the company whose problem they are working on. This degree of security allows companies to explore technology development without revealing their projects to the competition.

Spanning the globe, we have worked with clients in:



As you can see from this list of some of our recent challenges, IdeaConnection has the capacity to develop technologies in a diverse and expanding arena of expertise:

  • biotechnology
  • big data
  • plant science
  • pharmaceutical
  • storage
  • predictive analytics
  • wine making
  • packaging
  • virtual reality
  • game theory
  • chemical
  • artificial intelligence
  • medical
  • material science
  • waste
  • cosmetics
  • food science
  • machine learning
  • biomass
  • monitoring
  • deep learning
  • coatings
  • electrical eng.
  • adhesives

Scroll through a list of the skills of some of our solvers, and you will be impressed with the depth and diversity of the professionals who are available to focus their knowledge on developing innovative solutions for you.

IdeaConnection is focused on working with clients who understand the value of reaching beyond their own doors to achieve maximum innovative advancement. If you share this vision, we invite you to join our current clients and learn more about our unique approach to problem solving and technology development.

Join these companies who have chosen
IdeaConnection to create breakthrough solutions:

J∓J Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company
Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company Pfizer
Kraft McKinsey & Company Pfizer Sigma Alimentos
McKinsey & Company Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Pepsico
Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Pepsico Givaudan
Sigma Alimentos Pepsico Givaudan Nike
Pepsico Givaudan Nike Perkin Elmer
Givaudan Nike Perkin Elmer Wrigley
Nike Perkin Elmer Wrigley Ahlstrom
Perkin Elmer Wrigley Ahlstrom Fujitsu
Wrigley Ahlstrom Fujitsu Argos
Ahlstrom Fujitsu Argos Bayer
Fujitsu Argos Bayer Whitmore's
Argos Bayer Whitmore's Dannon
Bayer Whitmore's Dannon Xinova
Whitmore's Dannon Xinova Magna
Dannon Xinova Magna Syngenta
Xinova Magna Syngenta Covanta Energy
Magna Syngenta Covanta Energy Gojo
Syngenta Covanta Energy Gojo J∓J
Covanta Energy Gojo J∓J Aveleda
Gojo J∓J Aveleda Kraft


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