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General Technology Needs

Our staff of 200 researchers includes some of the most prolific inventors in the world, specializing in areas such as imaging, text and video data analytics, computer vision and document technology. The innovation services we provide begin and end with the customer. Our researchers regularly observe customers in their work environments, watching and studying their workflow so we may best guide our technology innovation efforts to meet our customer's needs.

Our proven expertise in solving complex problems helps clients integrate technology in a way that makes sense. We've invented a teacher support system that makes personalized instruction in the classroom practical. We're exploring how video cameras and imaging processing technologies can monitor a hospital patient's vital signs or help government agencies improve transportation challenges. These are just a few examples of the powerful market-facing innovation we're involved with every day, and how we leverage our collective experience across industries and disciplines to make ideas happen for you. Below is a list of competencies that we offer:

Featured Needs

ABC Widget's Recently Closed Featured Needs

The following Featured Needs are Closed to Submission and are Currently Under Review by ABC Widget Company. Respondents will be notified individually.

Cloud-Based Risk Analytics

Many companies and organizations use data simulations to model revenues and profit and analyze strategies. These simulations consume computing resources and take time.

Video Analytics for Retail

Video analytics can be instrumental in optimizing performance through automated behavior analysis of the customer, worker, and environment.

Social Media Analytics

Social media data mining is all about analyzing billions of comments in real time. Xerox researchers add value to this concept by helping businesses use information mined from social media to automate and improve two key business processes: making sales and improving customer satisfaction.

Lean Document Production and Design

For any business, staying productive, competitive and relevant is a daily challenge. Production manufacturing environments are no exception. When processes are designed to run at optimal efficiency, notable savings and productivity gains can be achieved.

Computer Vision for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transportation systems, the lifeblood of our economic and social lives, are far from their ideal state. Vehicular congestion is a leading cause of lost productivity.