Excerpts from Problem Solvers

Here are some excerpts from the IdeaConnection community.

I developed a renewable energy process for extracting energy from quiescent fluids with new turbo-machines. (#57993)

I designed and produced a model for next gen anti-skimming device for ATM. (#57942)

I developed a low cost thickness film monitor for organic solar cell manufacturing, including the design, manufacturing and software development. (#57905)

I have developed a novel model of how non inflammatory apoptosis clearance occurs in phagocytes. (#57898)

I developed a new mechanism in leadframe picking process for die-attach machine in chip assembly process. (#57883)

I designed and built eco-friendly generators that run on organic materials. (#57867)

I developed a new system of low temperature hospital sterilizers by using ozone and hydrogen peroxide. (#57852)

I created a C code to run on event simulations at CMS to analyse faulty modules of Phase I upgrade of CMS, CERN. (#57683)

I integrated an open source flight dynamics module with a mechanical structure resulting an a force feedback based control loading system for an airplane. (#57637)

I have designed a eye language for controlling wheelchair for paralyzed patients. (#57634)

I created an autonomous rover platform that is capable of navigating tough areas and has the ability to track and record its location along with being able to record locations of obstacles and the level of difficulty the obstacle presents. (#57629)

Developed novel nano-rough surfaces for directed neuron growth. (#57609)

I have created a sustainable Pulled Salmon dish and sold into IKEA which is serving in over 40 countries. (#57599)

I developed a non-transition metal based system to oligomerize unreactive monomeres (cyanamides) for the first time. (#57555)

I solved the complexity of solar tracking sensors. I’ve invented a simple solar tracking sensor that has a 180 degree acquisition angle and only requires 2 light sensors. (#57502)

I developed new aluminum foam with low foaming temperature using in automotive industry. (#57462)

I designed and assisted in bringing to market an arthritis medicine (pill) that could be picked up without the need of pinching the pill. (#57425)

I developed an automatic car parking system on large scale. (#57189)

I designed biorefinery processes for converting the organic byproducts of cultivation of a tropical product into high value chemicals and materials. (#57186)

I combined the ancient pictographic Hebrew script with the square script to assist with phonemes and meaning in a singular Hebrew script. (#57019)

I developed a ripening predictor based on dielectric spectroscopy for banana crops. (#56923)

I designed, commissioned and optimised the mercury removal system on a large offshore gas plant in South East Asia. (#56896)

I developed a dexterous autonomous manipulator for mini invasive surgery tools. (Solver #43616).

I have developed a (applied for patent) solar water pump and purifier that use direct solar energy to pump and purify water without any need of converting solar energy to electrical energy. (Solver #43613).

I saved saved GM approximately $5 million in past model tooling by simplifying service part manufacturing. (Solver #43597).

I designed and developed low pressure inductively excited plasma systems for deposition of amphiphilic co-polymer coatings for antifouling applications. (Solver #43591).

I developed a patented solution for the first windows based DNA sequencing program that sequences DNA in a couple of hrs compared to Linux programs that run for days. (Solver #43541).

I developed a synthesis method for making effective cathode material for Li-ion batteries. (Solver #43532).

I rectified a problem with a diagnostic procedure that was causing false positive results for a hospital associated bacterial infection Clostridium difficile. (Solver #35097).

I developed a new type of immunolatex, which used PEGylation surface modification to replace BSA adsorption. (Solver #34400).

I have developed new rapid diagnostic kits for diagnosis of infectious diseases. (Solver #33532).

I developed a patented method to generate antigenic diversity in vivo without killing the cells as a vaccine strategy to avoid viral escape. (Solver #33489).

I developed a system to determine Pore size distribution of Activated Carbon. (Solver #31974).

I have developed returnable/reusable packaging for automotive manufacturing facilities. (Solver #31902).

I devised a thermoelectric power generator for deep ocean vent ("black smoker") deployment. (Solver #31786).

I identified and characterized plant proteins associated with self-incompatibility using electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE and IEF) (Solver #31721).

I developed, designed, drew and supervised the manufacture of all components of 3 new models of Multi-purpose Exploration Drill Rig for the surface mineral exploration industry. (Solver #31661).

I developed a strategy to counter hijacking and sabotage of airlines. (Solver #31564).

I developed algorithms for de novo molecular design. (Solver #31434).

I developed and fabricated an innovative sortation device for the extraction of PVC from PET plastics in the recycling industry. (Solver 31424).

I developed methods to replace snatch blocks in the mining industry to curb fatalities. (Solver #31348).

I developed a design model for using electric fields to separate earthworms from the fertilizer they generate after ingesting organic waste. (Solver #31195).

I developed a method for removal of toxins from the circulations, showing its efficacy in preclinical models in mice with LDL cholesterol and TNF. (Solver #31099).

I developed a patented genetic screening technology using one-drop of blood with novel instrumentation. (Solver #30982).

I developed a patented process in making pigment such as Iron oxide and titanium oxide. (Solver #30810),

I developed a new technique using flux cytometry to confirm internatization of differenciation cluster CD33 on AML cells. (Solver #30695).

I devised a strategy for one of the world's largest automotive companies that led to significant cost reductions in their recruitment programme. (Solver #30551).

I developed a custom enzyme cocktail for the isolation of microvascular endothelial cells from lung and skin. (Solver #30406).

I developed and brought through EPA registration a biocide formulation for treating water for oil and gas drilling. (Solver #30270).

I differentiated bone marrow stem cells into insulin producing cells. (Solver #30116).

I have designed a product for coffee drinkers to store thermal energy within the mug using phase changing technology. (Solver #29913).

I designed high throughput biological evaluation systems for prospective biotherapeutics and drug targets using mice and in-vitro techniques. (Solver #29898).

I have found out a method to make carbon nano tubes from industrial exhaust. (Solver #29773).

I developed quick and cheap nucleic acid based diagnosis protocols to detect virus-infected rice plants. (Solver #29652).

I have developed a small scale soap making process which needs minimal external heat. (Solver 29583).

I've developed a resonance-cirquit with hybrid battery technology which enables user to earn 2 times more energy from an accumulator-system. (Solver #29457).

I developed an energy saving stove for community in Agwa Village Uaganda. (Solver #29216).

I developed an enzyme for potential use in industrial paper and pulp delignification. (Solver #29158).

I cloned genes involved in cell cycle control in fungi and plants based on mutant phenotypes. (Solver #29053).

I designed a tire changing unit that reduces down time for humvees in combat by over 60%. (Solver #29011).

I developed more than 10,000 mutant lines in arabidopsis. (Solver #28924).

I developed a solution for water treatment and the problem of contamination with Pb. (Solver #28853).

I developed non-conventional optimization methodologies targeted to the best reception of multicarrier signals (OFDM and MC-CDMA). (Solver #28700).

I have designed new network technology strategies for both wired and wireless heterogeneous systems. (Solver #28574).

I have developed a patent for a small 3 phase alternator power unit for a bicycle. (Solver #28436).

I co-developed a fuel additive for gasoline and diesel using plant extracts and a fuel enhancer. (Solver #28366).

I have developed and implemented sustainability solutions and fuel alternatives for 20,000,000+ gallons of previously unusable waste. (Solver #28311).

I developed a patent pending device for sieving long DNA molecules using elastomeric materials. (Solver #28231).

I developed a patented genetic screening assay for susceptibility to increased body mass. (Solver #28083).

I designed and developed security systems for government facilities. (Solver #27968).

I invented a new hydro system that can be used on an industrial scale without harming the environment as with classical methods of dams. (Solver #27904).

I designed an Ocean based Power Plant that uses waves and tide as "raw material," converting them to electric power by using hydraulic and pneumatic sytem. (Solver #27799).

I created an application for law enforcement agencies to pull up blueprints of buildings on location. (Solver #27660).

I patented a way to recycle Asian cardboard in a nonwoven. (Solver #27507).

I developed a patent to extract Fibrin from cattle blood (Slaughter house waste) & use fibrin as a wound healer. (Solver 27349).

I have developed 'in-vitro' assays which would serve to replace conventional animal testing. (Solver #27291).

I developed a novel virtual screening cascade protocol to identify potential trypanothione reductase inhibitors. (Solver #27104).

I developed a patented vertical windmill. (Solver #26701).

I developed antistatic & antimicrobial Crocs shoes formulations and processes. (Solver #26339).

I developed a method on how to determine the phospholipid and steriodal (cholesterol) composition of liposomes. (Solver #25927).

I designed & developed a pressurized Pneumatic system for turbo machinery startups. (Solver #25504).

I implemented a high throughput protein expression system using insect cells in a bioreactor. (Solver #25313).

I have made an autonomous robot which can run on stairs. (Solver #25232).

I developed a sustainable POU water purification systems for developing countries. (Solver #25230).

I developed a new technique to successfully delete regions of the fly genome using naturally occurring endogenous genetic elements. (Solver #24964).

I invented an away-from-home water purification device that is as easy to use as a teabag, which kills germs AND delivers iodine-free delicious-tasting water. (Solver #24572).

I developed a process to transfer money between bank-accounts in different banks instantly. (Solver #24352).

I have developed diagnostic assay for identification of hantavirus infections. (Solver #24132).

I used bioinformatic analysis and traditional molecular biology and biochemistry to discover and then characterize the smallest member of the multi-drug resistance family (SMR) from Bacillus subtilis. My work was published in Microbiology and Bacteriology. (Solver #24065).

I developed a wheat with improved phosphorus availability for human nutrition. (Solver #23927).

I developed a method for constructing scarless mutation on chromosome. (Solver #23917).

I isolated and characterised key pesticide-degrading bacteria and are currently developing in-situ remediation techniques for water purification. (Solver #23702).

I have developed methods for determining the survival of viruses, particularly coronaviruses in aerosols and the effects of temperature and relative humidity on these agents. (Solver #23679).

I built an engine that taps on the crowd to automatically generate entertainment updates. (Solver #23664).

I developed alternative indicators for water pollution. (Solver #23078).

I developed a patented process for the fermentation of milk and soft cheese. (Solver #23072)

I invented several scaffold molecules for beta-secretase Inhibitors for Alzheimer's Disease. (Solver #22305).

I designed a cell based screen to identify a cellular receptor for Norwalk virus. (Solver #22135).

I invented a patterned material which, when incorporated into a solar panel, reduces the number of solar cells needed to produce a given amount of electricity by as much as 25%. (Solver #22115).

I have identified key transcriptional factors in the regulation of virulence genes in Salmonella enterica. (Solver #21633).

I developed a genetic algorithimic parallelized for nondeterministic polynomial problems. (Solver #20891).

I developed and patented a natural/biologic/compound technology for immunologic interventions that is more sound than conventional therapy. (Solver #20871).

I helped develop a new strain of neem plant that fights all pests in a household as well as outdoors. (Solver #20863).

Developed a novel algorithm to automatically estimate the arterial input function (AIF) for dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) blood perfusion studies. (Solver #20642).

I have developed transdermal delivery systems for diclofenac diethylamine. (Solver #20383)

I've developed unmanned and robot vehicle solutions for companies like Boeing, John Deere, Northrop Grumman, and GoodYear. (Solver #20228).

I constructed a finite element algorithm for predicting extrusion die melt exit speeds, to reduce the time and cost of new die design and development. (Solver #20114)

I have developed a mathematical model for planetesimal accretion as a function of annular distance. (Solver #20029).

I developed an assay for measuring 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptors in brain and blood. (Solver #19908).

I developed a full line of Herbal Baby Products. (Problem Solver #19820).

I have developed a product, FluFinder, a PCR based diagnostic kit to detect Influenza A subtype H1N1. (Problem Solver #19778).

I discovered a new all-optical method for depositing near-IR resonant Au nanoparticles in a plasmon-selective manner. (Problem Solver #19279).

I have detected molecular markers for several disease resistance genes in tomatoes, peppers and beans. (Problem Solver #19247).

I developed a new method for creating solid sheets of collagen for biomedical applications. (Problem Solver #19242).

I have helped develop basic space biology research missions for NASA, including experiments on Shuttle missions and International Space Station. (Problem Solver #19114).

I developed a hemophilia A gene therapy technology using the phiC31 integrase system. (Problem Solver #19050).

I developed a revolutionary underwater swimming fin that is 80-90% more efficient than existing fins. (Problem Solver #18952).

I developed a patent-pending biofeedback technology that is highly effective at creating self-awareness that leads to behavioral change. (Problem Solver #18809).

I developed a system of expression of proteins in plants as a fusion with antibody Fc fragment. (Problem Solver #18797).

I developed a patented drug screening technology using one-drop of blood with novel instrumentation. (Problem Solver #18523).

I developed a renewable energy process using solar technology for energy storage. (Problem Solver #18133).

Developed a near field electromagnetic probe for imaging and non-destructive testing applications. (Problem Solver #18124).

I developed a new LED light source technology for use in residential homes. (Problem Solver #17999).

I developed a fully functional sub-ps laser material processing system, from the ground up. (Problem Solver #17980)

I developed control thermal distortion of cast metal component during soldification and cooling. (Problem Solver #17907)>

I'm the world's leading wind energy inventor, inventor of Superturbine(R), with patents worldwide, a PopSci Invention of the year, Discovery Channel videos, currently manufacturing the most powerful wind turbines for their diameter in the world. (Problem Solver #17898).

I have developed a micro scale electric power generator that uses no moving parts aside from a moving gas. (Problem Solver #17895).

I have developed bio-reactor technology for high speed ethanol fermentations. (Problem Solver #17847).

I have created Zinc Finger nucleases for genome modification. (Problem Solver #17791).

I developed humanized models of cell function using human stem cell chimerized murine models, and used these models to validate therapeutics for rapid advancement into clinical development. (Problem Solver #17790).

I developed a differential GPS navigation system for a prototype farming robot. (Problem Solver #17775).

I have developed an RNA extraction protocol for plant tissues rich in pectins by the addition of calcium to precipitate them. (Problem Solver #17694).

I designed a transplant experiment to test the effects of soil nutrients on the growth and tolerance to herbivory of the wildflower Ipomopsis aggregata. (Problem Solver #17682).

I developed a technique to map defects in nanomaterials. (Problem Solver #17674).

Developed a explosive blast force mitigation devise, that works at distances as close as 0.5 meter from the explosive, to greatly reduce the mortality in IED blasts against vehicles. (Problem Solver #17580).

I invented and patented a hands free smb safety line for diving and the fire services. (Problem Solver #17377).

I developed equipment for etching atomic force microscopy needles for creating resizable nano-pores in flexible membranes. (Problem Solver #17374).

Developed a kinetic Particle-In-Cell Code with Monte-Carlo collisions to model the magnetic presheath and Debye sheaths. (Problem Solver #17268).

I have developed an analytical technique for measuring a biological marker of oxidative stress. (Problem Solver #17222).

I developed a patented building material with insulation against electromagnetic radiation. (Problem Solver #17213).

I solved problem of PET bottle shrinking after filling with hot liquid. (Problem Solver #17102).

I developed novel materials characterization and materials simulation techniques for solving materials issues with the manufacture of portable electronic communications devices. (Problem Solver #17000).

I developed ways of determining cleavage sites of membrane proteins from in vitro and in vivo experiments using MALDI. (Problem Solver #16997).

I standardized the Immuno Diagnostics methods for the assessment of pathology during parasitic infection. (Problem Solver #16923).

I developed a heat transfer enhancement technique. (Problem Solver #16874).

Conceptualised and Created a semi-electronic voting system for use in Western Africa. Managed all elements of the technology from concept to manufacturing outsourcing. (Problem Solver #16846).

I purified more than ten proteins that other research groups failed. (Problem Solver #16760).

I have developed a systematic procedure to extract mitochondria from living animal tissue. (Problem Solver #16750).

I developed a patented sliding element (ski, snowboard etc.) with three-dimensional structured surfaces. (Problem Solver #16742).

I developed techniques that increased efficiency in the use of CAD system. (Problem Solver #16665).

I develop a hotwater treatment system for tropical fruit to extend shelflife. (Problem Solver #16662).

I developed a patented system for sensing unthreshed grain in a combine harvester. (Problem Solver #16655).

I devised and executed the CMC strategy for the development of a small molecule vitamin D receptor modulator for treatment of inflammatory dermatological diseases. (Problem Solver #16652).

I have discovered a new gene for berry color and quality in grapes. (Solver #16637).

I wrote the disk operating system for the Gemini robot. (Solver #16544).

I discovered a novel chiral influence that can explain the origin of homochirality. (Solver #16486).

I developed a stable keratinocytes cell line under tetracycline gene regulation for therapy in wound healing and anemia/acute renal failure. (Problem Solver #16457).

Developed a multimedia system for marketing and booking weekly entertainment events for local artists and performers. (Problem Solver #16401).

I developed a simple photo electric sensor based solar power availability calculator, which has several photo electric sensors that can be placed in a field for a given period of time connected to a system to calculate the amount of solar power the area could generate. (Problem Solver #16277).

I've come up with a unique way to plant trees quickly. (Problem Solver #16192).

I co-developed a patented spectro-chemical method to determine lipids in serum. (Problem Solver #16084).

I developed the patented coal gasification burners for slurry feed process. (Problem Solver #16030.

I have purified and characterized an inhibitor for aspartic protease, from a plant. (Problem Solver #16014).

Developed a manually operated nebulizer which is operated by a foot pump. (Problem Solver # 15966).

I developed a new control algorithm for high-accuracy temperature and humidity control applications. (Problem Solver #15924).

I developed a beverage that leverages brain neurochemistry to enhance the experience of caffeine. (Problem Solver #15907).

I developed a better catalyst for hydrodesulphurisation with up to 50% higher activity, by employing a novel preparation method. (Problem Solver #15899).

I have developed a novel solar powered marine electric propulsion system. (Problem Solver #15817).

I developed a genetic test for fast screening of different human monogenic disorders. (Problem Solver #15802).

I have solved company LCD sputtering fiber glass system problem. (Problem Solver #15744).

Have performed spatial analysis on crime data including geodemographics and cluster analysis. (Problem Solver #15734).

I have specified, designed and established two (small scale) spacecraft electronics manufacturing facilities. (Problem Solver #15697).

I have developed a novel instrument for solar water heater heating water up to 70 degree celcius at very low cost and even at low solar intensities. (Problem Solver #15667).

I have developed a low cost home-made biopesticide for farmers, which is 20 times less in cost when compared to conventional organic and biological pesticides in the market. (Problem Solver #15645).

I have innovated new culture medias for bacterial growth. (Problem Solver #15615).

I had developed a matematical solution to seperate Dimethyl formamide from Water. (Problem Solver #15576).

I designed a four seated mammography unit with laboratories to increase patient comfort and to increase patient flow. Resulting in faster breast exam results and having laboratories at the sight of the examination. (Problem Solver #15567).

I worked at Sun Microsystems for over 7 years and was on the original team that developed Java EE. (Problem Solver #15561).

I have been recently working on low cost thin film solar cell production. (Problem Solver #15488).

I developed a rainharvesting system for third world areas. (Problem Solver #15471)

I successfully setup an eddy covariance system to measure various gases in exchange papyrus wetland in Uganda, using sonic system, quantum sensor, humidity pressure, heat fluxes and data logger for data collection. (Problem Solver #154460.

I have patented a device to harness wave energy to produce electrical energy. (Problem Solver #15367).

Competed and won Going Green Recycling competition to create innovative ways to get people to recycle. (Problem Solver #15293)

I've solved a problem for increasing the refractive index in polycarbonate, specifically to be used in optical plastic for eye glasses. (Problem Solver #15270).

Developed patented nanosuspension for poorly soluble drugs. (Problem Solver #15254).

Design and construction of a product specific, fully automated, high speed food processing line which won the city award for Innovation. (Problem Solver #15249)

I have isolated a protein from bacteria that could be used for bioremediation of radioactive metals, target for anthrax vaccine, and real time field quantification. (Problelm Solver #15196).

I have developed a sample processing platform for the discovery of protein biomarkers in body fluids. (Problem Solver #15160).

I have developed an FTIR method to analyze the surface of treated contact lenses to establish the success of a polymer surface modification technique. (Problem Solver #15163).

I created a disposable filtration system for continuous large scale removal of solid phase particles from a liquid flow through the use of a novel disposable filtration probe. (Problem Solver #15105).

I developed a material for Li-ion anodes with 100% reversibility. (Problem Solver #15094).

I developed an anti-cancer drug which is currently in clinical trials. (Problem Solver #15060).

Holder of 8 U.S. Patents in the Chemical process industries; specializing in liquids and gases. (Problem Solver #15013).

I am a material scientist working in the area of nanotechnology with 6 years experience in polymer composite technology; conductive polymers; wood plastic composites; barrier coatings; graphene and nanomaterial based composite materials. (Problem Solver #14977).

Developed a novel environmentally friendly bleach for laundry powders which made many of the more costly components of the powder redundant. (Problem Solver #14927).

I designed, developed, oversaw the manufacture and assembly of $1.2mil worth of protective tiles and support structure for the inside of the C-Mod nuclear fusion test reactor at MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. (Problem Solver #14916).

Currently helping a company to design and develop a solar powered motorcycle. (Problem Solver #14910).

I developed an innovative image processing algorithm to detect cells in human corneal endothelium. (Problem Solver #14825).

I have developed a process to recycle plastic that does not release toxins into the air. (Problem Solver #14818).

I managed a two year consecutive increase for more than 100% (yearly) of a consumer product (Brazilian imported chocolate) against big brands such as Nestle and Hershey's. (Problem Solver #14713).

I developed a system for detecting Mountain Pine Beetle damage from airborne imagery, using empirical probabilities. (Problem Solver #14684).

I have been working on Think Tank problems for clients like BASF, Nestle, Siemens, Colgate, and Kraft Foods. (Problem Solver #14612).

I designed heat management systems for light engines. (Problem Solver #14467)

Based on Kepner Tregoe Methodology I conducted over 500 quality investigations for non-conformance events in the pharmaceutical industry. (Problem Solver #14463)

Developed and launched water proof chemical in paper manufacturing in Pakistan. (Problem Solver #14425)

I developed many patented catalysts for oil & gas industry and organic synthesis. (Problem Solver #14423)

I have developed a voice recognition system for translations. (Problem Solver #14393)

I designed a signalling searchlight for the navy. (Problem Solver #14344)

I developed the first commercially successful low VOC metallic basecoat for Dupont. (Problem Solver #14317)

I have improved efficiency in a large restaurant, thus cutting costs and improving profits with clever marketing. (Problem Solver #14227)

I have developed a desalination technology with complete salt and water recovery at BARC, MUMBAI. (Problem Solver #14216)

I designed and manufactured an ergonomic notebook stand. (Problem Solver #14215)

Created an IP address to GIS mapping tool now found in Google Analytics. (Problem Solver #14204)

I have been involved in research & development into new designs and ideas for the last 15 years working with companies like IKEA and ETAC. (Problem Solver #14083)

New product development for infant nutrition using novel enzymes and processes. (Problem Solver #14019)

I developed a very simple method to measure relative production of singlet oxygen from various sensitisers during a photochemical reaction. (Problem Solver #13991)

I am the co-inventor of a system (SCAMPS) for alleviating congestion problems in the domestic electric power transmission & distribution system (i.e. "the grid"). (Problem Solver #13804)

Author and director of the UNESCO sponsored "PRYCREA" Program that was applied successfully for learning improvement in Cuba and other countries. (Problem Solver #13775)

I have developed an energy harvesting shoe. (Problem Solver #13689)

I developed a renewable energy process using biomass and hybrid battery technology for energy storage. (Problem Solver #13684)

I built up a strategy for a large chemical company to earn more money with their large patent portfolio. (Problem Soler #13557)

Recently I was given a problem by a company, they wanted to send SMS to their customers mobile phone everday informing them about thier appointment details, they wanted to do this without installing a Database like MYSQL or Oracle. (Problem Solver #13495)

Anti-hiv plant extracts. (Problem Solver #13453)

Developed a program to know the fatigue strength of a particular crank shaft depending upon the working parameters. (Problem Solver #13444)

Design of new or modify structures (chassis) for competition airplanes and helicopters, reducing weight, increasing stiffness if necessary and increasing efficiency. (Problem Solver #13305)

Design of Multimedia Exchange Over Satellite-MENOS project for Arab States Broadcasting Union. (Problem Solver #13291)

Designed and built an alpha prototype of an electromechanical device that embosses Braille onto adhesive labeling tape. (Problem Solver #13200)

Invented a service dubbed number one for a mobile telephony business which boosted the company's market presence to number two in my country. (Problem Solver #13154)

Designed and developed a joining jig & method for joining an inflatable maintenance seal for use in a metal cartridge sealing arrangement. (Problem Solver #12945)

Reduction of rejection of Brake Discs from 8.83% to a level of 1.67% in 6 months. (Problem Solver #12890)

I developed two novel oral drug delivery platforms, circumventing problems with gelatin capsules. (Problem Solver #12815)

I invented new eco efficient bread oven for third world pacific region. (Problem Solver #12810)

Development of a system to reduce the oscillatory movements induced by the waves on floating and semi-floating oil platforms and vessels. (Problem Solver #12800)

Created algorithms to model materials properties allowing for the extrapolation of engineering data from raw test results without the need of an experienced engineer. (Problem Solver #12781)

Re-engineering a machine of a production line that makes ABS-units for cars. From 50 troubles in 8 hours and bottleneck station to 5 troubles in 8 hours and much faster than before. New concept, many collegues didn't believe in the concept but after a few weeks, everybody was convinced. (Problem Solver #12726)

Designed non pyrotechnic simulator for ground to air missile plume. (Problem Solver #12697)

Developed Neural and ARIMA models for sales and finance forecasting. (Problem Solver #12591)

I developed and fine-tuned a process to convert waste materials from building demolition into materials which can be recycled in building activity like inert in concrete. (Problem Solver #12589)

Designed and manufactured multi-source solar, wind, hydro and kinetic energy generation and storage system. (Problem Solver #12585)

Founder of cryogenic energy technology and C-coil technology. (Problem Solver #12447)

Designed a biomass briquetting machine for small scale production in rural and semi-urban regions, which runs without using electricity or any non-renewable resource. (Problem Solver #12458)

I designed a new type of internal combustion engine. (Problem Solver #12324)

I define the strategy for top management, specify, source partners and solutions, manage design and development and make sure the products reach the market when they should. (Problem Solver #12421)

I led a team of industrial engineers to solve a problem with the way designs are verified and translated into a scaleable product. (Problem Solver #12396)

I designed a new adjustable suspension with correct pinon angle and proper articulation for a modified vehicle. (Problem Solver #12319)

I developed a cheap flexible replacement for glass fiber optic cables. (Problem Solver #12316)

Developed an inventory solution for a mining company. This included System architecture, barcode system and logistics for the project. (Problem Solver #12252)

I have designed a system for bio-processing of pharmaceutical raw materials using enzymes, chemical methods and engineering techniques. (Problem Solver #12214).

I designed an award-winning face fiducial points detection method. The system accurately detects more than a hundred features on pictures of faces never seen before. (Problem Solver #12194)

I produced a plugin to AutoCAD which enabled the workflow to be automated as much as possible. This lead to a much more consistent approach and deilvery by the whole team, and maDe the business appear much more professional. (Problem solver #12079)

I designed a wastewater treatment facility for a detergent and sulfonic acid plant. (Problem Solver #12071)

I developed a patented genetic screening technology using one-drop of blood with novel instrumentation. (Problem Solver #12032)

Creation and implementation of micro credit scoring model with a working efficiency of 76% (more than any other technique used in India by micro-finance firm). (Problem Solver #11906)

During dissolution tests of an extended release solid pharmaceutic, it became evident that the dissolution medium was causing interference on the UV determination of the tablet strength. After comparison of the maximum wavelength of both the active ingredient and the dissolution medium, I suggested that the detection wavelength be increased. (Problem Solver #11870)

Designed a dynamic model of human multi vertabrate spine allowing for the simulation of spinal motion. (Problem Solver #11606)

I have developed a novel treatment modality for Sickle Cell Anemia. (Problem Solver #11549)

One of the most difficult tasks is to fabricate magnetic nanomaterial because the magnetic domain will form on particular temperature and pressure. At this condition the nanoparticles are aggloramted easily. I used a protein as capping agent (from egg white) to reduce the size. Designed a new way of synthesis method without capping agent. (Problem Solver #11691)

I developed a liquid mix to solve problems involved in automotive paint repair as an alternative to buffing out. (Problem Solver #11695)

Designed a dynamic model of human multi vertabrate spine allowing for the simulation of spinal motion. Using the model, the methods of stability and optimization of the spine muscle parameters were analyzed. (Problem Solver #11606)

Developed innovative bio-stable metalworking fluid saving tooling, decreasing waste and increasing up time in production. (Problem Solver #11471)

I have developed a storage medium that is based on fractal geometry that stores much more data in terms of Gigs than contemporary storage mediums. (Problem Solver #11350)

I solved the problem of purification of demethylase enzymes for decaffeination, immobilization of enzymes and stabilization of enzymes for which I was awarded patents. (Problem Solver #11257)

Industries were disposing their effluent directly into the Nairobi river without removing the dyes first and this was preventing oxygen from reaching the acquatic animals. I solved it through using a locally available material to absorb the dye first such that effluent is clear. (Problem Solver #11081)

Re-engineering of major Plasma TV manufacturer production line. Achieving a 100% yield production improvement. (Problem Solver #11004)

A project to design an automatic system to locate parking places in a lot or in a city. My main role was the system architecture, and interfaces between the different elements. (Problem Solver #10853)

Designed a multimedia solution for teaching English to kids, in which I created the software, tested it with several classes of students, and analyzed the data. (Problem Solver #10811)

Development of laser anealling marking with high power continuous waveform lasers on stainless steels. (Problem Solver #10735)

Created a segment for a reality TV show and got National Exposure. (Problem Solver #10728)

Invented & developed numerous industrial microwave systems for processing many food items including frying & proofing of donuts & pastries; baking bread; sterilizing various foods, pharmaceuticals, medical & dental instruments; rapid drying of plaster forms for aerospace; much more. Developed numerous microwavable foods: popcorn, pizza, frozen entrees, snacks, more.(Problem Solver #10657)

I designed and developed a scheme to capture and structure in-service information for engineering designers in this aerospace industry. (Problem Solver #10645)

Saved 2 million in monthly revenue through a creative billing solution. (Problem Solver #10270)

Solved a long standing issue of breaking nylon thrust bearings in commercial truck columns within 1 day. (Problem Solver #10269)

I've created a unique and patented HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis System/Product that will be in market in 2010. (Problem Solver #10171)

I have developed a method for reducing PET plastic back to its component parts for reuse. (Problem Solver #10162)

I have taken a $70M business to $350M turnover with a single global client, over a three year period; led sales, marketing, business development, finance, project management, R&D, engineering, HR, commercial and legal resources; and managed global teams through the daily application of technology and process to achieve a common goal. (Problem Solver #9985)

I designed development projects in education and agriculture that were funded by World Bank and Asian Development Bank in several Asian countries. (Problem Solver #9907)

When I worked at BASF's headquarters I solved their longest standing production problem which had plagued them for 30 years. They has spent over 3 million Euros trying to solve the problem over the years. My solution was verified in production and several patents resulted. (Problem Solver #9873)

We wanted to provide a simple 'mix and cast' unitized DNA sequencing gel casting kit but it required keeping 4 reactive reagents, both solid and liquid, separate until use and the final mix had to be filtered. I developed a pouch (US 5,836,445) that keeps the reagents separate and secure, is easy to use and filters the mix on delivery. (Problem Solver #9826)

The company I was working for needed to solve the problem of demonstrating bacterial cultures were present at the treatment systems we were selling for clients to see them in action. I came with the solution to buy a biosensor which will register the CO2 produced by bacteria. (Problem Solver #9613)

Creating a new method for protein structure prediction using graph description of protein structures. (Problem Solver #9609)

While working as an engineer, I helped AT&T find a solution to designing their DSP, the 3210, into a PC motherboard by developing a small module that coupled the DSP directly to the 386/486 CPU, saving at least a year and a half of their development time to get to proof of concept. (Problem Solver #9593)

Winner of challenge to summarize the chemical, biochemical, and physiological mechanism of human salt taste perception; identify salt taste agonists and antagonists; enumerate human foods in which salt is a primary tastant; construct a bibliography of the most significant references on human salt taste perception. (Problem Solver #9544)

Developed new algorithm to classify remote sensing data automatically (i.e. pick out roads, buildings, etc. from camera footage taken from airplanes, satellites). I invented the method and developed it into a prototype software package. (Problem Solver #9233)

Provided engineering solution to de-laminate tetra pack roll to recover paper board. (Problem Solver #9232)

Created the customer-eyes (TM) Service Flow modelling theory and toolset to assist organisations to identify process, communications, and performance issues. This tool has been utilised in the Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand governments and major interntional businesses. (Problem Solver #9426)

Used Root Cause analysis and Six Sigma based Fishbone techniques to map Credit Card processing problems to the Architecture Zones. This innovation helped saved millions of Dollars as the problems could be quickly identified and resolved. (Problem Solver #9198)

Designed and proved the functionality of the award winning submission for an InnoCentive challenge around a mosquito trap to combat malaria. Cost was 1/2 of the target while using sustainable components. (Problem Solver #8841)

Conceptualized, Designed and developed a low cost irrigation device that saves up to 90% of the water and 96% of the fertilizer to grow trees in nurseries. Raised over a million dollars from angel capital to launch this product into the marketplace.

I developed in partnership with the Change Management practice at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) the first large scale (35,000 variables) simulation for change management. I have lectured on the system at Nat'l Defense University.

I Established a Micro-Credit Scoring Model for Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., a Microfinance firm based in Bangalore, India. I used Logistic Regression Technique along with the concepts of Statistics to arrive at the final Model. I had to co-ordinate my activities along with Executives at the Top level up to the Employees working at the ground Level.

Tried out two problems posted in innocentive and both the cases I am responsible for the ideas and its execution. (Theoritical Problems)

Numerous publications both reviewed and internal over a 25 year career at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Member of team doing first in-situ measurement of temperature in shock loaded metals, short pulse laser initiation of reaction in explosives and subsequent diagnostics.

Developed new process for improving the efficiency in water testing at a British Water Company - I developed a device that increased the productivity of the process for testing water quality by 400%.

A company needed to develop a pipeline of new food products. I developed a line of new products and services representing $300 million in potential revenue. Work included research synthesis, team facilitation, concept development, innovative testing and focus group execution, volume and financial forecasts and executive presentation.

New approch in defining Improvised Explosive device counter measures - Formulated the new approach to avoid expensive and useless development effort of new products to counter IED.

Developed a suite of microbial lipid biomarkers for environmental studies including 2 new starvation biomarkers, 2 oxidative stress biomarkers, and methods for calculating community diversity.

I developed gas bearings on the NASA Ames simulator in the Moon Program.

I set up an industrial security program from the ground up. In doing so, I interfaced with the Defense Security Service and designed a whole security program for the organization that is still in use today.

Developed flexible work cells utilizing available resources as much as possible, drastically reducing labor costs from excessive material handling.

Involved in the design for economical shelters using Rutan and nylon Fabric for use in temporary shelters.

I had created Value Stream Maps for the product families and identified the non-value added processes in the current state. For future VSM's, I had designed a single-piece flow cells in the machine shop and FIFO-Pull systems wherever single-piece flow is not possible.

I devised some of the earliest tissue specific RNA interference transgenic vectors for Drosophila. Utilizing the Actin 88F, indirect flight muscle specific, promoter, I created constructs to inhibit expression of basement membrane proteins. This was utilized to examine the role of these proteins in muscle tissue development and morphology.

While working as a lab technician in the battery industry, we had a problem getting reasonable moisture readings of our battery electrolytes. I came up with the idea of using molecular sieves to gain much better results, and it did.

I am one of the six inventors of a patented method to control combustion oscillations; I suggested pulsing the pilot fuel to minimize oscillations during testing of a combustor.

I am involved in designing a novel FPGA architecture (on a technology based on 38 US patents) as a IC Design Engineer. I exercise my problem solving skills daily in circuit design of our BLE (Basic Logic Element) , BLE delay extraction and in preparing for first product tape-out (which is due in next month and brings out more than 3 years of design effort). Aspects of consumer product development are heavily incorporated into my work as constraints in design-for-testability, design-for-power and design-for-manufacture.

NetOrganiX International: Envisioned, designed, created, managed & am currently leading this initiative to develop a Web2.0 social-networking solution that integrates key applications & concepts found in tools such as Amazon.com, Facebook, Wikipedia, and others.

in 1998, I managed a $50 million project for General Electric to build the Buick plant for General Motors in Shanghai, China.

Registered inventor of 10 patents (7 for General Electric in the US, 3 in Germany).

I have completed many robotic simulation projects these projects include; using simulation to check cycle time, reachability and selecting the correct robot. Offline programming and post processing for a range of industrial robots.

Modified a production line using PLC control and robot assist resulting in a 30% increase in production.

I designed a control center from the ground up for the Air Force Logistics Center at Tinker AFB where I wrote two pieces of software to actively display, track and monitor the ramp and aircraft resources. My solution was to create a data base tied to what I called a Ramp Map. The ramp map was a multi level object oriented visualizer where one layer was facilities, next layer ramp parking spots, next layer aircraft, next layer was Ground Support Equipment, next layer was aircraft routes, next layer was restrictions, next was operator notes, etc. This software is now used at all AFMC Air Logistics Depots for their control centers as well as NASA at Cape Canaveral for ranger operations.

Developed test strip for next generation of Clearblue pregnancy test.

I designed a chemical dosing system for a world scale hydrocarbons manufacturing plant improving the previous system by the negotiation of a cheaper chemical agent, reducing safety risk of operation, allowing increased addition accuracy and thus reaction control. Furthermore the design enabled installation without disturbing normal operation.

Created a fully functioning DNA sequencing laboratory in a public art gallery space.

Created a MathCAD model to prove that failures seen in fuel gage accuracy were a result of pointer origin variation.

I worked with the Committee for Aviation Environmental Protection, generating numerical simulations of emissions dispersion and noise modelling.

I have developed software to facilitate the use of computational chemistry techniques as a high throughput method. The software incorporated input generation, data monitoring and analysis. Allowing a quicker path to viable results from existing technologies.

50 years experience in wide and diverse fields ranging from pneumatics, motors, nmr, epr spectrometers, temperature recorders and controllers and electrical/electronic design and maufacture.

Developed an elegant solid-state AC switch solution for use in commercial airborne power systems with maths, physics and circuit modelling which, when realised, worked right first time. This work has application to other areas, e.g. domestic power systems.

Development of screening assays for the biotech and pharma industries using a wide range of assay techniques. Validation of assays in high throughput screening modes (including cell based assays) and running screens for compound libraries. Management of data from screening assays and implementation of results into the drug discovery process.

Designing and optimising metal oxide materials for gas sensor applications.

Invented the first universal meter reading system in the world, previously thought impossible due to the variety of interfaces (patents in UK, Europe and USA)

My DC-AC Soft-Switching Inverter was picked as one of 25 national semifinalist for the 2007 Modern Marvels/History Channel Invent Now Challenge which is sponsored by the USPTO.

Designing a new pasta product for the Elderly people with a shape that eases the eating process of pasta and sauce with a spoon.

Developed an application for voice transmission on WLAN for linux based system in C langauge using OSS Audio Framework.

By testing various cables, increased mean time between failures from 10 days to 45 days.

A non-profit organization needed to compete for a county contract for a drug program, but they did not have experience with this type of program. With my consulting and proposal write up, they won the contract and got off to an excellent start.

Developed innovative way of removal of broken nails in the medulla of diaphyseal bone.

I have written several books on Artificial Intelligence.

I am familiar with environmental issues from the science to the regulation and have resolved problems in this area. I forced the state government to establish the first set of regulations concerning the use of wetlands.

Developed a method to treat bio-hazardous waste thus allowing it to be disposed of in a normal solid waste landfill and eliminating the need for expensive transportation and incineration.

Developed the quantum theory of four-atom reactions, that led to the first ever exact quantum-mechanical calculations. My papers on the subject are among the most cited in the field of chemical reaction dynamics in the last 10 years.

Participated in the development of the first Latin American virtual University (the Universidad Virtual de Quilmes) and, as its executive director, re-organized it from a "content-based" learning environment, into a "communication-based" learning network.

Created a device to prevent contractures in paralyed bedridden patients, as well as a prevention of lower extremity blood clots.

I have created a viable Product Configuration system for a major telecommunication equipment manufacturer, solving a computationally complex problem and meeting stringent criteria on the quality of configurations.

Intoroduced new product line to Proctor and Gamble to incorporate the Pringles Nacho chip line with a Salsa Tub fitted with the chip tube packaging.

Use of satellite image and aerial photography for improving placement of rain harvesting earthern dams.

Building the ACELA AMTRACK TRAIN I had to come up with a solution for the fire barrier coating becoming too heavy after application. We tried a different formula combination of aluminum trihydrate powder.

Allow isothermal multiple-displacement amplification of large plasmids (fosmids) directly from bacterial hosts without intermediate purification steps but also without co-amplifying host genomic material, using an exonuclease treatment of bacterial lysates to preferentially digest fragmented host genomic DNA.

To solve the problem of having an intelligent robot I applied animation techniques from the field of cartoon animations. This resulted in a new software engine to animate robots. The result is that more believable robotic interfaces can be built. The robot I tested this on was the "iCat" robot, which received the label "Coolest Invention 2005" by Time Magazine.

I am Civil Engineer with my MS in Civil Engineering from Columbia University in NY. I have worked for consultants and have had to asses various engineering proposals. I have also written repots that highlight a clients engineering concerns and propped solutions to best cost effectively address said concerns. I have both practical and academic skills that allow me to think out side of the box.

Made possible a global solution for wide format printers to emulate a printer chip.

Toyota maufacturing, solved multiple problems for management: faster production, lowered percent of recalls by 86 percent on part defects before they are shipped.

Determined mechanism of interaction between drug receptor and drug.

Antenna design including complicated printed antennas, multi beam antennas and solving coupling effects at arrays.

I have successfully managed, on time and within budget, multi-million dollar engagements at Fortune 500 companies with experience leading diverse teams in the development of complex business solutions supported by leading edge technologies. My extensive methodology experience has enabled me to implement full life cycle systems development and integration projects which enhanced the effectiveness of the business operations

Developed data acquisition for wavelength switching properties of high power lasers.

Designed an enterprise integration hub for aggregating feeds from 28 front end systems to populate back office finance, reconciliation and analytic systems. The hub was used to apply accounting logic in addition to providing an integration point.

PhD thesis on cell migration (as applies to metastasis of cancer cells throughout the body). Developed a system for analyzing the effect of the micron-scale cell geometry on migration direction.

I designed, specified, configured and helped implement a common network for multiple isolated automation controllers in a carbon processing plant. Next, a client-server PC system that provided a common Human-Machine Interface to their process was added. Finally an Information and Data Mining System was added to the Control and HMI Systems. This led to key discoveries which saved the plant over 1 Million dollars per year.

Developed system to track clinical trial subjects in parallel from a preliminary spreadsheet model.

I was the first scientist to encourage industry to R and D placental growth hormone. I proposed novel applications that industry may not have embarked on as yet.

Developed an assay to measure the permeability of vascular graft walls to albumin for a major medical device manufacturer.

Recently I joined a brain trust and have been awarded best answer (solution) 9 times. Topics ranged from finding a workable non-toxic weed killer to preschool for the speech impaired.

Founder of successful Biotech startup, Theregen Inc., a tissue engineering company in the regenerative medicine space.

I have developed a translation memory system and a know-how that drastically reduces time of DTP translation. It also increases accuracy and reduces price to manufacturers.

Developed a new treatment for a common skin ailment using a laser system and was issued a patent on same.

After nearly 10 years working with telecommunications billing solutions, I have devised an easy means of diagramatically describing the key functions of a billing system such that it is very easy for new staff (unfamiliar with telecommunications billing solutions) to understand how the solutions work and where to channel their energies for the work that they are required to do (without recreating the wheel). I have published this work as the TAO of Billing.

Demonstarted and quantified the growth response of a hepatoma cell line to insulin while working as a research associate.

Technological expertise in biological sciences: molecular genetics, DNA repair, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and aging. Hands-on experience working with a wide variety of organisms (from bacteria to human premature babies), and most aspects of biochemical, Immunological, toxicology, molecular biology, clinical, and general experimental techniques.

Developed a fast spectroscopy technique for characterizing the potency of oxandrolone mixed with excipients in pharmaceuticals.

Worked with an ergonomic furniture manufacturer to develop a new CPU holder product offering aimed at American and European markets.

Isolation and purification of stem cells from rabbit adipose tissue.

Accenture wanted to quickly educate 20,000 people on business innovation concepts. Within 6 months I developed a day long training program, a book, and other materials. These were then delivered around the world via 200 trainers who I personally trained.

Analyzed a small village that has grown too large with no planning and with a few ideas presented inexpensive solutions to organize its future growth.

Analyzing agriculture soil deficiencies and suggesting remedies based on soil analysis. Suggecting Best Management Practices (BMP) based on soil science.

Recognizing deficiencies in general transportation management including but not limited to DOT regulations, public relations as it relates to transportation safety, and making suggestions on how to correct administrative and in-the field practices.

Hazardous waste management: Control, containment, and cleanup of hazardous waste spills and accidents training.

I was a primary contributor to the first United Parcel Service online tracking system and the RiteAid EBIDA portal.

Designed a swarm-based system for cross-pollinating ideas into "hub" people for maximum distribution of society-improving ideas.

I have designed a process for desalinizing water that utilizes solar power as an exclusive heat source and produces electricity as a byproduct.

I have designed an anaerobic process for converting organic household and septic waste to biogas.

I have a design for an electric car that uses an ultra light energy storage system that also provides the structural and visual elements of the cars frame and body.

Developed a multibiometric model for face and finger print recognition.

I am one of the members in Amana Toyotas problem solving cell.

I came up with an innovative approach for getting people at college football games, who are often drunk, to recycle cans and bottles.

Ran idea generation sessions for more than 15 Fortune 500 companies.

Co-created breakfast cereal that won national innovation awards.

Winner of the Wake Forest Marketing Case Competition - Yahoo!'s next billion dollar business idea.

Successfully integrated the vendor supplied shipping system with a manufacturer's accounting and CAM systems, across various hardware networks.

Helicopter-based RF Antenna Verification System: A laptop-based, LabVIEW-centric, helicopter-borne data acquisition and flight guidance system integrating GPS and Field Strength meter instruments was developed which facilitated the verification of tower-mounted Large Array RF antenna output characteristics. This system controlled the measurement of multi-service horizontal and vertical RF radiation patterns by monitoring tower-relative platform positions and guiding valid flight paths to acquire, log, and report high quality, densely sampled data. Simulation capabilities were developed which saved a significant amount of time and capital that would otherwise have been required for flight-testing the system. The accurate verification of antenna output characteristics can now be accomplished over the course of one to two hours as opposed to several days or weeks using conventional methods.

Designed a First-in-the-world machine to mass-manufacture a newly invented type of mosquito-repellent coils from cardboard and paper rather than wood flour.

Redesign and improvements regarding accuracy and speed of post press bindery equipment. This involved design of multiple interfacing mechanisms involving linkages, cams, drives, motors; understanding of tolerancing, manufacturing and machining processes to employ such designs in a cost sensitive manner.

Designed and developed system to allow amputees to function in "normal" office and workshop areas by a lift system which presents them to a vertical surface.

Designing an ultra-portable paint tray for Home Depot. Pat.# 5,634,568.

Design of ground grid in arctic cilmates to comply with IEEE 80-2000 requirements for GPR, touch potential, step potential limits for safety.

Helping implement laboratory high throughput systems and protocols in a genome mapping facility.

Determined that multiple machinery failures were due to sabotage and not natural causes. I have become an expert at failure analysis due to an unorthodox ability to envision how things should work.

Designed and tested high voltage surge arrestors including a hybrid system using both MOVs and gas filled spark gaps.

I am a senior lecturer in engineering at De Montfort University, UK, having previously worked in industry as an expert in audio in various scenarios.

Creation of the Totus product to solve the problem of allowing FedEx sales to communicate with every communication method through a single web site and a single process.

Designed Anaerobic in-situ digester for National Guard to get rid of underground defrost liquids used on at airport and not dig up the ground.

Reduced wind tunnel experimental runs by over 86% for the NASA Langley Research Center in conjunction with Florida State University and Old Dominion University.

Developed flight simulator interface hardware used by shuttle pilots prior to actual use of hardware in space.

Designed special purpose machines for food, automotive, general engineering. Problem solving using various power transmission options - hydraulic, pneumatic, electric.

I lead a team of 3 in development of an Autonoumous Soccer Playing Robot for BSEE senior project. Implemented instrumentation & automation of Environmental/Life Acceleration Stress Testing using National Instruments, GPIB, and Visual Basic 6.0. Automated control and logging of Power Supplies, Temperature, Vibration (Signal Analyzer), Digital Volt Meters. Also automated graphical report generation and statistical analyis to Excel using VB6.

I designed a wheelchair lift for a public building, the foundry layout for a heavy engineering firm, a grading machine for grading logs into different grades, and a portable hummer mill.

Engineering - Robotics, electronics, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, telecom, and general engineering. 2002 Olympic games for NBC/ISB troubleshooting, maintenance and implemtation of DS-x, T-x, Microwave circuits, DACS and corresponding equipment.

I was an instructor of innovation at Honeywell.

I worked as designer and senior researcher for more than 10 years in the Russian space/aviation/rocket industry, and for 6 years in NASA. Author of 150 scientific articles and books, and 17 patented inventions.

Material science and development of single crystal growth facilities, fusion reactor components and cryogenic devices. Special bonding techniques: hipping, electroplating.

I have exercised a great deal of my work in the space field. I have therefore gained considerable experience in the design and implementation of the project, using my training as a physicist and a strong set of software for scientific applications. Coating for telescope ISO, stealth coating, infrared termography, design and development of means testing and measurements in space environment, black body reference.

Credit management, credit risk assessment, letters of credit for export sales, factoring and invoice financing, conflict resolution, critical thinking, risk mitigation, debt collection using legal procedures, export financing.

Business process. Sales, marketing and product positioning. People management, coaching, business process engineering, business software, virtualization, IT strategy. Advised IBM on 'go to market' strategy for small and medium businesses.

Flour milling, pizza manufacture, food science, research and development, manufacturing processes. Developed a process to produce a topped chilled pizza that had a crisp base after microwaving.

Mechanical Design; Fluid Systems; Turbomachinery Development, Design, Manufacture, Testing, Start Up and Troubleshooting; Thermodynamics, Fluid Flow Systems, Power Generation, Piping and Valve Systems; Refrigeration and A/C Systems and Equipment Design; Liquid and Gas Separation; Stress and Vibrations; Bearings and Rotordynamics. I am integrative in my approach to design and problem solving, being able to see a situation from many perspectives. Also have an ability to reshape a problem that considers objectives not originally engendered.

Mechanical engineering (Utility related). Green belt holder on six sigma problem solving technique. Resolving problems related to air compressor working functions. Conversant with 7 steps of problem solving procedures.

Ergonomic design and safety innovations. Weapons design and repair solutions. Government trained problem solver. Team training and realworld aplications. Helped a fortune 500 manufacturer to save millions in scrap loss and down time. Designed advanced safety features for the automotive industry.

Forging Process Design, Die Design, Value Added Finished Component Design, Manufacturing Processes, Quality, Information Systems and Ergonomics. I have helped develop very successful manufacturing information systems. I am very familiar with its function and value. This system eventually became marketed under a separate company and is very successful today.

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