Idea Rally®

Crop Yield Idea Rally® – Phase 2

The Rally Phase 2 is now closed.
Thanks to the many participants that made it such a success!

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Crop Yield Idea Rally® Winners – Phase 2

Grand Prize Winner:

Harrys K. C. Jacob, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India $10,000
We would like to award Harrys K. C. Jacob for his idea and discussion of "Student based web mining for generation of databases – bioinformatics" as the grand prize winner for Phase 2 of the Idea Rally®.

Winners Sunday, April 17th

Harrys K. C. Jacob, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India $1,000
For idea #794 Student Based Web Mining for Generation of Databases – Bioinformatics

Vijay Dalal, New Delhi, India $1,000
For idea #811 Enhancing photosynthesis through D1 protein overexpression and enhancing stomatal response

Winners Monday, April 18th

Ammanamanchi Radhakrishna ("Manchi") Bangalore, Karnataka, India $1,000
For overall contribution

Sanjay Parmar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India $1,000
For overall contribution

Crop Yield Idea Rally® Winners – Phase 1

Thanks to all the 500+ members who participated and made the
Phase 1 Rally such a success!

Grand Prize Winner:

Charles John Bhaskar ("geomarinebiotech") Chennai, India $10,000
Charles John Bhaskar contributed several strong ideas including: "724 Designer Cereals and Pulses," "707 Triticale, Pomato, Tritiory and more?," and "533 Hyper producers." In addition to contributing creative new ideas to the Rally, Geomarinebiotech also constructively moved the discussion forward on his own ideas as well as the ideas of other participants.

Honorable Mention Awards:

Gary Vardon ("vardong"), West Valley, UT, USA $1,000
For 674 Data mining for understanding metabolic paths and genetics

Budhi Tiwari ("budhi"), New Delhi, India $1,000
For 31 Delaying senescence to increase crop yield

David Henderson ("david ch") Beltsville, MD, USA $1,000
For 548 Leaf size, leaf angle

Thangasamy Saminathan ("thangasa"), Taipei, Taiwan $1,000
For 730 Plant architecture of rice - Branching pattern during reproductive stages - increasing final grain yield

Perrin Beatty ("pbeatty") Edmonton, AB, Canada $1,000
For 582 Use of biotechnology to Increase Nutrient Uptake and Concurrently Crop Yield

Ryan Fink ("rcfink") Minneapolis, MN, USA $1,000
For 753 Nanotechnology and Nutrients (CNT and Water Uptake)


Winners Thursday, March 24

Charles John Bhaskar ("geomarinebiotech") Chennai, India $1,000
Ian Wallace ("iwallace") Berkeley, CA, USA $1,000
For collaborating on 533 Hyperproducers

Boon Leong Lim ("greenerplanete") Hong Kong, China $1,000
For 598 Improve the Overall Carbon (Energy) Status of Plants


Winners Friday, March 25

Ryan Fink ("rcfink") Minneapolis, MN, USA $1,000
For 726 epigenetics to control response to environment and lifecycle

Daniel Sprockett ("dsprocke") Stow, OH, USA $1,000
For 542 Improve Root Structure = Increase Yield


Winner for Most Referrals

Channapatna Prakash ("prakash") Auburn, AL, USA $1,000