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Benefit from the brain power of 100s of experts in a week of furious brain storming and idea building.

Name your Idea Rally® topic, and we'll throw everything we've got at it!

Are you interested in emerging thoughts and Ideas focused on your key R&D interests? Are you interested in breakthrough thinking that will help you set strategic future directions for your R&D.

There are many types of “cold fusion” problems that have had incremental advances over time, but need fresh, new perspectives to move research and discovery to the next level. By sponsoring your own Idea Rally®, you can get these fresh perspectives and ideas, through open, thoughtful discussions among many of the world’s top experts.

An Idea Rally® is an online gathering of hundreds of experts, all put together for one purpose – to discuss new, embryonic ideas that will advance scientific thought for your long standing problems, and to give you new directions and possibilities in which to target your research activities.

Sponsor your own Idea Rally® and receive hundreds of ideas based on in-depth discussions and expertise exchanges.


IdeaConnection has access to thousands of experts and professionals in a wide range of disciplines who are eager to lend their knowledge and expertise to your topic of interest. IdeaConnection also engages in an international targeted marketing campaign to engage people from all over the world who have the capability, expertise and experience to contribute in a meaningful way to your topic: thought leaders, researchers, university faculty, industry veterans, consultants and more. You can even suggest we invite specific people who you feel would make an important impact on the Idea Rally®. Watch video below.

You can ask us to find participants with very specific credentials and experience. You can also invite your own experts to participate. Further participants are attracted through an international online media campaign. Your company name can remain confidential if desired.

Over the course of the Idea Rally®, hundreds of these experts put their minds together to focus on your problem, and to help give you new avenues of investigation. These experts are not only motivated by the challenge of making a difference, but they also compete for thousands of dollars of prizes for the best new concepts and overall contribution to the Idea Rally®.


One of the challenges with asking a crowd of people for ideas is that you can be presented with too many ideas – most of which are too superficial to help you decide on a course of action. With IdeaConnection’s unique Idea Rally® format, ideas are discussed, critiqued, expanded upon, and vigorously defended by Rally participants – using the concept of peer review to enhance solutions. Lively discussion is the key to the all-important peer review process that provides the breadth you need. Additionally, participants can rank ideas via a voting system that can help you prioritize areas of investigation.

This Seeker needed an innovative form of packaging to extend the shelf life of packaged foods. IdeaConnection identified a coating material and recommended a breakthrough method of delivery using a film as the barrier material to achieve the air and water-resistant properties required.»


IdeaConnection supplies an experienced moderator who encourages and facilitates discussion and helps maintain focus on your topic areas. Your own people can also participate as much or as little as you want – anywhere from highlighting “featured” topics and ideas for which you would like to stimulate more discussion, all the way to engaging in the conversation and discussion itself.


To inspire participants, you offer awards for participation and contributions each day, and also provide a significant award at the end of the Rally to the member who provided the most valuable ideas and input. You, of course, determine the amount of the awards.

All participants sign an online form agreeing not to post any confidential information.

An Idea Rally® generally lasts for one week, and members of your company can participate in the discussion, highlighting ideas that you would like explored further. Idea Rally

All discussion is in text. Ideas can be voted up or down. Ideas can be moved to particular strings, or particular themes.

The Rally is confidential, and is only seen by people who have registered and been accepted.

At the end of the Rally, you will receive a Word document containing all the ideas and discussion.


IdeaConnection’s Idea Rally® is one of the most economical and efficient ways to get hundreds of experts throughout the world all focused on helping you achieve a breakthrough for your own problem. Get a serious boost with technology and a leg up on your competition.

Idea Rallies Yield Breakthrough Thinking

IdeaConnection develops a new model of open innovation to generate breakthrough thinking and solve problems. Crowdsourcing is a powerful engine that can fuel better problem solving, faster innovation, and novel thinking. It is defined as “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.”

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