How It Could Be Different

How it could be different is a website where one can easily see, vote on, comment on, share, and suggest current, innovative ideas in different categories. The site can be thought of as a "Wikipedia for ideas" or a "democratic TED." By collecting ideas in one place and explaining them in an abridged way, How it could be different is able to:
How It Could Be Different • make it easy to learn about and spread ideas to improve issues, programs, products, and policy

• cause inspiration in thinking about how the world could be different

• determine which ideas and innovations people most support

• provide a forum for suggesting and discussing ideas

• form groups and provide opportunities to potentially bring ideas to life

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This site could have clearly posted clickable categories, arranged in a columns and rows, similar to the old Yahoo! search engine. Currently the continuous, sequential listing of ideas in higgly-piggl..
- LS Thomas