Innovation Resources

Public Challenges

Live challenges from IdeaConnection and around the world with cash prizes.

Technologies Wanted

List of Technologies Wanted.

Prior Art Citation Searches

List of Prior Art Citation Searches.

New Inventions

The latest inventions, updated daily.

Patents for Sale

Buy, lease and sell patents.

Inventions for Sale

Buy and sell inventions.

Innovation Newsletter

Innovation delivered free to your inbox every week.

Innovation Videos

A list of fascinating invention videos.

Prototype Makers

A list of prototype makers to help you actualize your innovations.

Open Innovation Intermediaries

A list of companies you can partner with to develop innovations.

Innovation Conferences

A list of conferences focused on innovation.

Companies that Pay for your Ideas

Submit your ideas to corporations looking for specific ideas.

Tech Scouting Companies

Companies that can help you source existing and emerging technologies.

Innovation Software

Software to help you think, organize and process innovations.

Thinking Methods

Systems and methods of thinking creatively.

Innovative People

A list of innovative people you can contact.

Innovation Blogs

A list of blogs focused on innovation.