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Crowdsourcing: Two Approaches, Two Different Outcomes

Similar high level of success of its crowdsourcing campaigns, up to 90%, was reported by another open innovation service provider, IdeaConnection. Just compare these numbers to about 2% success rate claimed by Dell's IdeaStorm!


Milward Brown Inspiring ICT Report 2015

Starting Page 22: Smart Innovation:
IdeaConnection, on the other hand, exists to bring together teams of specialists as and when needed to solve specific problems. IdeaConnection mainly works with businesses engaging in scientific research of some kind, chemistry, pharma, food science, biotech, consumer products, engineering or material science “the kind of thing where there you come across scientific problems that are narrow and specific in scope”. But the concept has much potential for innovation in any sector – and the need to cooperate and utilise external expertise has never been greater.


Open2012: Company Presentation [Video]

Paul Wagorn on open innovation intermediaries, problem solving and technology scouting. Paul is Director and VP of business development for IdeaConnection. "Paul has been instrumental in developing the framework within which these expert teams operate, and has also developed innovative ways to perform technology scouting and other problem solving systems."


Eight Ways to Build Wealth like Millionaires Do – Make it a Game

There are also thousands of extremely smart problem solvers out there who are unknown and simply need a venue and a problem to solve for a fee and then invest the difference to build wealth.


Companies Are Scared of Open Innovation – and Other Insights

Scott Wurtele, the founder of IdeaConnection has been around ever since the open innovation movement started. In this interview, he shares his experiences, insights and foresights. One is that he believes companies are still scared of open innovation and not acting enough to realize the full potential.


Scientific American WorldView 2012

Page 66: Canadian Confidential. Imagine that your biotechnology business is facing a challenge that you don't know how to solve. Maybe you'd like to turn to open innovation by putting together a brainstorming team to bounce around ideas, but you also need to protect the confidentiality of the project. Then you're just the sort of client who calls on IdeaConnection in British Columbia.


Entrepreneurs, 3PLs, and Angel Investors: Kick-starting the Make Economy

"Crowdsourcing" is transforming the way entrepreneurs (as well as established companies) develop new products. P&G's Connect + Develop, IdeaConnection, and Quirky are just a few examples of crowdsourcing in action.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crowdsourcing

Steps for Working with IdeaConnection. Page 129.


Desperately Seeking Germplasm

Thanks to Cary for pointing out this interesting request on IdeaConnection, which is basically an online market-place for crowdsourcing solutions to R&D problems.


Intermediaries – Facilitating and creating value in open innovation

"In recent years, intermediaries, as YourEncore, IdeaConnection, InnoCentive and others had a sharp growth in the markets, due to the need to create ways to connect to and communicate with other companies, organizations and individuals."


Trading on the Mind Market – Buying and Selling Innovation

In many ways it's a dream come true – IdeaConnection is quite seriously offering a penny for your thoughts. The newly launched website is marketing itself as a trading ground for ideas; allowing users to post problems and handpick a team of thinkers varied in age, experience, location and field of expertise to work on the solution.