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Unleash the creative power of our curated, multi-disciplinary teams of problem solvers, thought leaders, and scientists

IdeaConnection believes that open innovation is the most efficient and direct route to achieving critical improvements and breakthroughs that will provide direct benefits to companies, and to the world.

We believe that by gathering and utilizing the world's greatest minds, positive innovations can be achieved more quickly and more efficiently, putting companies that are passionate about improving their products in the forefront of making the world a better place.

"We appreciate that the team took on this challenging topic and the hard work they did to help us make sense of what is known as well as identify opportunities for future learning. The quality of the analysis and writing is extremely high, and the discussions we had at the outset and along the way were illuminating and insightful. Please convey our respect and gratitude to all team members who made this a very valuable piece of work for us." – Global Tier One Automotive Supplier


IdeaConnection builds solution teams from a secure network of brilliant experts. Each team is managed by a world-class facilitator.

By combining expertise and diverse perspectives, we provide you with solutions and insights not normally achievable by individuals working alone. We only accept client challenges we believe can be solved – we focus on productive success.

Why It Works So Well

IdeaConnection delivers confidential results to well-defined client challenges, using highly motivated talent who are driven by financial reward. Our teams work on a challenge for approximately 12 weeks, working individually, then meeting collaboratively to develop the best concepts into disruptive innovations. You typically receive from two to eight in-depth solutions that can be easily be evaluated by your innovation manager. You are not swamped with hundreds of ideas to review. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page ›

Pay Only for Success

IdeaConnection believes that you shouldn't have to pay for results that don't meet your criteria. Our R&D Problem Solving model takes the risk out of innovation and provides you with easy access to innovative solutions. Your challenge will receive several intensely researched and detailed solutions, and if, after reviewing them you are not satisfied, you pay out no award for the challenge.

Secure Confidentiality

We understand that you may want to keep the innovations you are developing confidential until you are ready to release them to the market. IdeaConnection ensures your identity, challenge details, and accepted solutions remain completely confidential while our Problem Solvers are working on them, and if you choose, your identity can be kept hidden from the team members as well.

IdeaConnection was selected to find a better way to administer oral medications to children. The winning solution was an innovative drug delivery platform that moved the medication to the back of the mouth, thus avoiding the bad taste, smell, mouth feel and texture that could lead kids to refuse to take their meds.»

Client Portal

IdeaConnection believes that efficiency and simplicity are important to you. To make managing your challenges easy and intuitive, you are set up with your own individual, free, and secure portal in order to manage and keep track of your challenges and solutions.

Fixed Cost Innovation

We believe that you, as your company representative, understand the value of the innovation you want to achieve, are in the best position to determine the award amount being offered for each challenge. You understand that by offering a significant award you are attracting the best minds available to work on your challenge, and as there are no hidden costs or success fees, you know exactly what a successful solution will cost you.

Timeline – What You Can Expect

As soon as documents are signed and the challenge is accepted, IdeaConnection goes to work putting together your solution teams. The teams present you with a re-iteration of the challenge to make sure they understand your needs, and a conference call may be scheduled if further clarificaiton is needed.

This Seeker wanted our teams to undertake product design and manufacturing specifications for a new self-forming, self-healing, and semi-permeable membrane material to control evaporation at large dams, so IdeaConnection created an innovative silicon fluid barrier solution.»

As Solvers work towards a solution, you can increase the speed of progress by responding to their questions about your challenge in a timely manner. Solutions are typically delivered in 12 weeks. Once the solutions are delivered, you have 30 days to review the proposals and determine whether or not to accept one or more of the solutions.

IP Transfer

IdeaConnection believes that transfering IP should be a painless proposition. Once you accept and pay for a solution, the intellectual property is transferred from the Problem Solvers to you using our in-house documentation. Every Solver has already contractually agreed to transfer IP before they began working on your challenge.

Do You Have a Challenge?

  • Do you have a critical path problem that needs a solution?
  • Are there some back-burner projects that should be brought to fruition?
  • Is there a technology you want to acquire, but the IP belongs to a competitor?
  • Do you have a new project to launch and don't want to risk assets against failure?
  • Are you trying to find a company to partner or collaborate with?

Whether you need a new solution to an existing problem, or simply need extra resources to tackle your workload, IdeaConnection has the hands and minds that can help you achieve success.

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