Arturo Herrera

- Practical, useful home-office wire/cord management modular accessory , that solves the 'extra-length' problem for each cable. Very cheap to manufacture
- Useful, low-cost, accessory for an important object that the majority of people in the World already has and allows users freedom of movement.
- Simplified Furniture modules, with stand-alone, 1-piece module. Rotomoulded PE
- Expanded PP or PU easy pressure- assembly modules for shelving, furniture , etc.
- Collapsible Compact Seat & table. Beautifully simple shape. 2 easy-switching configurations.
- Stable windmill, easy kit product idea (no masts) that adapts to different roof tops, allowing to direct more wind flow.
- A 'kayak-module' idea for rotomolding in HDPE, for recreational users. Delivers total new functionality for being used in different ways, changing configuration 'on the go'.