Bela Nemet

Bela Nemet
CIRCULAR SAW BLADE FOR LENGTH SAWING AND FOR CROSS-CUT the wood pieces and woody panel with variable depth of cut from 0 - 55 mm allows precise longitudinally and transversely sawing planks, bars and plates, as well as making slots and boundary corner slot. Suitable for serial production of elements for chuck furniture and other cabinetwork.
Drive unit - Electric circular saw with the drive - was made as an autonomous unit located in a circular seat, so that the circular saw can turn in the longitudinal or transverse direction, or separately used the outside of the workshop, for example, when set parquet, lamperie etc. Thanks to the facility with asincron engine, the device was far less than roaring handy circular with hightourage colector engines. Therefore, and because of the relatively low production cost enabled tehnologically construction solutions, suitable for production, as well as home use, ie for amateur carpentry and hobby workshops.

For a machine tailor slabs of standard dimensions, is relatively small dimensions, which is for amateur performance may even decrease.

Equipped with scales and delimiters, which enable precise sawing workpieces to a measure without previously handy measuring and marking - sketching.

Provided rectangle workpieces, in a serial work guaranteed the equality
of a series of workpieces, the same width all the elements that should have the same width, etc.

Supstitutes expensive and heavy machinery imported for the same purpose with multiple lower production cost, lower transport costs and less storage space occupancy in the warehouse and transport.