Bruce Honig

Bruce Honig

Bruce Honig's Training:

Masters in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on the psychology of creativity. Numerous studies including CPSI, Synectics, Grove, Technology of Participation (ToP), Debono. Member of International Association of Facilitators and attended many conferences. But mostly my training is from the school of soft and hard knocks...getting down and doing the work.

Bruce Honig's Experience:

Over 35 years of experience in meeting facilitation and training. Work with for-profit and non-profit organizations.

> Facilitate executive retreats,
> Problem-solving sessions,
> Product development,
> Team building, and
> Ideation sessions.

Wrote books on creativity and problem solving including Creative Collaboration: Tools for Inspired Teamwork, and Aha! A Workshop in Solving Problems. Consultant to Idea Generator software. Hold train the facilitator in general facilitation and ideation. And more...

Bruce Honig's Experience with Online Groups:

My experience is in facilitating face-to-face and virtual meetings.