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Charlie Garland

Charlie Garland
I have written a book that redefines innovation for the "non-innovator." What I call "pure innovation" is that which is applicable to all slices of life (not just business, technology, etc. as conventional wisdom would have us focus our concept of innovation). Innovation is a process that anybody can use; it's not just for business executives, scientists, inventors, "geniuses," PhD's, or the like. What I've tried to do is introduce an entirely new philosophy of innovation, and innovative thinking. A future version of the book's core concepts will be entitled, "Thinking with an Innovative Mind," and go into more detail around how this unconventional perspective on innovation should, in fact, also be adopted within conventional innovation domains, such as business, technology, academia, and so on.

Charlie Garland's books:

The Glass is Always Full
The Root Cause of Innovation: How Value-Driven Thinking Changes Everything You Do