Innovative People

Chris Applegarth

My style is engagement, participation and involvement. We all have opinions, and should all be allowed to state our case, views, thoughts and ideas in a logical and structured fashion. I am experienced in using a number of tools that facilitate decision making, or altering a perspective on a problem or challenge. I find that by using such techniques it is possible to 'see the other pieces of the elephant' that maybe were not visible from our original viewpoint. Examples are De Bono, Michalko or Buzan tools. Problem solving is a marathon not a sprint, and requires as much training as does completing the 26 mile race itself. No one would attempt a serious running competition without coaching, likewise no one should contemplate trying to discover a solution without having used tools and techniques designed for the purpose. 'Brainstorming' on its own is as outmoded as going running in a pair of sandals, and then wondering why your feet blister and hurt.

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