Chris Applegarth

2 years Diploma in Management Studies (Kingston UK Business School);
2 years MSc Change Management (Centre For Study of Change / Sheffield Hallam);
3 years Global Leadership Program (Nortel) USA & Canada;
2 years Executive Leadership Program (Europe)(Nortel);
1 week plus 2 months research Global Champions Program / Remote Team Working (Nortel);
2 months RYA Coastal Skipper;
2 years UEFA B Coaching Licence;
2 years UK PPL (CAA);
2 weeks FA L3 Injury Management Certificate;
DL / Field SAQ i-Diploma L3 ( Movement & Co-Ordination);
DL FA Certificate in Sports Psychology;
1 week Major Project Association / Managing Major Projects (Prince2 Type Methods);
1 day w/shops various Microsoft Office Apps;
1 day w/shops e-Business / IBM;
numerous technology specific programs at Nortel / CASE;
2 day Communications Skills;
2 day Presentation Skills;
1 day TV and Radio Broadcasting Course;
Self taught HTML Programming;
3 month course French Conversation;
I have studied NLP, TA, NVC and read much on the subject of Psychology though never undertaken a formal qualification.