Gonzalo Pèrez Chomón

- Safe easy to use and reliable Battery system for radio transmitters. (actually on production and sale)
- Automatic Pneumatic suspension for cars, trucks, etc. with a central mechanical and pneumatic interface, that controls roll, pitch and bounce movements, but lets fully independent movements of the wheels on rough surface with isostacy of pressure on the ground. (actually on manufacturing design and testing process)
- Non counteract rotary internal combustion motor. (actually on idea stage)
- Marketing project that will generate great controversy on car-media, competition-media, green-media and mass-media, with big impact in Europe and South America, and medium impact worldwide with a very low cost, but with high technology requirements. It will generate big controversy and discussion on many fields and actually they can be generated easily during and after the project is running. (actually looking for company/s interested on the project)